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someone who holds shares of stock in a corporation

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Selling Shareholders Will Prefer to Sell Their C Corp Stock Instead of Doing an Asset Sale to Produce Only One Level of Taxation.
Unlike the rules for C corporations, though, the basis rules for S corporations provide that shareholders must adjust their basis each year for the flow-through items of income, losses and deductions.
raises visibility for shareholders who are clearly dissatisfied with management on some issue.
He says that managers ought to work for shareholders, that boards are supposed to represent shareholders and that shareholders should have the right to pick the representatives they think are best.
KO, as the group is known, represents shareholders by monitoring corporate activities, criticizing companies that are less than forthcoming, praising those that share information and lobbying for progress at shareholder meetings.
Such shareholders may have an election available to them to instead recognize their share of the foreign corporation's all E&P amount in lieu of recognizing gain on their shares Treas.
Shareholders may consult the Prospectus and other documentation in relation to the tender offer on Endesa's website (www.
Under prior law, an S corporation could only have 75 shareholders.
Annual shareholder meetings, historically dull affairs, this year are expected to be heated, as companies struggle to readjust in the wake of recent corporate developments that pit shareholders against executives and boards like never before.
THE IRS SAYS DISTRIBUTIONS of customer-based intangibles to shareholders are taxable.
The people we directors represent, the shareholders, are bound to make a lot of money.
On March 31, 1992, the Internal Revenue Service issued proposed regulations under sections 1291-1297 of the Internal Revenue Code, relating to the treatment of shareholders of certain passive foreign investment companies.
On account of these losses, many shareholders are acutely aware that common and preferred dividend payments were curtailed after 2005's first quarter and during 2005's second quarter, respectively.