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index based on a statistical compilation of the share prices of a number of representative stocks

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The results show significant long-run relationships between share price index and industrial production, inflation and interest rates with all parameters in the cointegrating vector significant.
One is the All Ordinaries share price index futures market in Australia.
Cornell and French (1983a) examine the effect of taxes on the pricing of share price index futures contracts traded on US futures markets.
55 Source: BPS/BI Table--2 Composite share price index of JSX Month IHSG January 2006 1229.
Among these, new car registrations and consumer credit grew, but the FTSE nonfinancials' share price index fell, and press recruitment adverts also fell.
The first positive contribution from new house building for over a year and a weakening of the negative influence from the FTSE non-financials share price index also helped push up the indicator, it said.
28 Kyodo The Seoul stock exchange closed for the year Tuesday with the key share price index hitting a yearly high of 1,028.
Both banks are included in the TA-25 share price index.
Group A - shares included in the share price Index Universe, ETNs and units in closed-end mutual funds which according to their investment policy endeavor to replicate TASE share price indices.
On the ASX 24, the June share price index futures contract was 61 points higher at 4780 points, with 33,050 contracts traded, according to preliminary calculations.
ADX has shown remarkable recovery in the first 8-months of the financial crisis, as the share price index has gained 410.
Investors in the capital market are encouraged by the unpopular policy as shown by the increase in the share price index despite wide public protests including in the streets against the price hikes.
On the ASX 24, the June share price index futures contract was down 46 points at 4,718 points, with 34,669 contracts traded, according to preliminary calculations.
As a result, the outstanding home-purchasing loans climbed up rapidly in the first half of 2007 and the weighted share price index of the local bourse soared to near 10,000 in October of the year.