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index based on a statistical compilation of the share prices of a number of representative stocks

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The port city bourse, the Chittagong Stock Exchange, also finished lower with the CSE All Share Price Index - CASPI - losing 21 points to settle at 15,852 while the Selective Categories Index - CSCX -shedding 12 points to finish at 9,633.
Borrowing the concept from the FTSE-100 share price index, stamp dealer Stanley Gibbons has listed 100 of the most frequently traded and valuable autographs, comparing items' worth in 1997 with now.
Among these, new car registrations and consumer credit grew, but the FTSE nonfinancials' share price index fell, and press recruitment adverts also fell.
The Commission puts this increase down to an improvement in the assessment of production trends in the recent past and the fall of stocks of finished products.The economic sentiment indicator is made up the various EU confidence indicators (industrial, construction, retail, and so forth) and a general share price index. It is a good approximation of GDP growth...JJ:(BEP)
28 Kyodo The Seoul stock exchange closed for the year Tuesday with the key share price index hitting a yearly high of 1,028.07, up 74.95% from the year's opening at 587.63, reports Yonhap.
"It is regrettable that the share price index fell below the 17,000 level."
In a frictionless market, arbitrage ensures that the price of a share price index (SPI) futures contract is equal to the accumulated value of the spot price less the deferred value of all dividends paid on the shares comprising the index.
Within first 15 minutes of trading, the key index of the country's prime bourse fell 19 points while the CSE All Share Price Index (CASPI) of port city's bourse lost 35 points at 10:45am.
The local share price index futures rose 0.2 percent or 13 points to 6185, a 30.4-point discount to the underlying SandP/ASX 200 index close.
All Share Price Index (ASPI) dipped 0.83% tumbling by 56.78 points at 6,750.19 points, and the Milanka Price Index (MPI) closed low by 1.46% dipped 90.19 points at 6,107.82 during the day.
On the ASX 24, the June share price index futures contract was 34 points lower at 4,785 points with 34,026 contracts traded.
Although the share price index hovered between 7,616 points and 8,237 over the past few two months, domestic life insurers have increased investment in the domestic bourse.
The All Share Price Index closed at 4,943.53, up 48.02 points, while the more liquid Milanka index rose 0.92 percent (50.77 points) to close at 5,595.90.
oADX performed well in comparison with other Middle East exchanges even though the share price index lost 47 per cent,o Healy told Khaleej Times.