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common stock classified as A or B where A has certain advantages (e

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Morgan offers R6 share classes for all vintages in the SmartRetirement Mutual Fund series.
From April 2014 all new fund business will go into clean share classes, with retail classes closed to new investment (other than regular contributions).
One category looks directly at the prices of share classes with different voting rights.
R shares, or "retirement shares," are share classes designed for use by retirement plans.
28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Pershing LLC, a BNY Mellon company, today announced it has added new advisory and institutional share classes from nine fund families to its FundVest no-transaction-fee mutual fund platform.
Clean share classes, which offer a simpler way for investors to pay for funds - free of complex rebate arrangements - are a positive development for consumers, according to AXA Wealth.
15% higher than the other Institutional share classes, reflecting the costs associated with providing the hedge.
Now, with the introduction of our new share classes, other types of institutional investors, such as faith-based organizations, foundations, and even smaller-sized pensions can purchase shares more affordably and likewise put their money to work for a double bottom line - competitive financial returns and helping underserved populations in their communities.
The change to multiple share classes will require revisions to various index methodological guidelines and rules covering liquidity, IWF's, calculation of total and float adjusted market cap and other factors.
This move to clean share classes leads the way in the self-directed investment field, and the addition of over a 1,000 funds gives investors the choice they demand with a pricing structure they can understand.
Or a redemption fee can be input at the Fund Portfolio level and then applied to all the appropriate share classes at that level.
A further 20% predict that the level of new assets going into clean share classes will be above 50%, indicating that the popularity of clean share classes as an investment solution is set to continue to increase.
in A, C, and Institutional share classes (SYAMX, SYCMX, SYIMX).
David Thompson, managing director of Elevate, AXA Wealth, said: "The level of interest we have witnessed in clean share classes suggests that advisers are increasingly embracing this option for their clients.
Ratings are for Class A only; other share classes may vary.