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the maximum data rate that can be attained over a given channel

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The Shannon capacity predicts the channel capacity C for an AWGN channel with continuous-valued inputs and outputs.
When relay aided cooperative communications is not considered the source can directly communicate with the destination over both the time slots and the achievable capacity can be written as Shannon Capacity:
It needs to be pointed out that different orthogonal multiplexing techniques achieve the same Shannon capacity performance in an information-theoretical sense.
When the ICSI is known, the maximum capacity that can be reliably transmitted on a subcarrier n experiencing channel gain is the Shannon capacity [11]:
Focusing more on the physics than the mathematics (though equations are included throughout), McCune begins the volume with discussion of the impact of Shannon capacity and ways its impact can be modulated, an overview of common issues and signal characterization, and individual chapters on digital amplitude modulation, digital frequency modulation, and digital phase modulation.