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bone extending from the shoulder to the elbow

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She and her 2-year-old granddaughter, Molly Roth, also will prepare a traditional Seder plate, with maror (bitter herbs) symbolizing the bitterness of the Israelites' lives under slavery; haroset (a fruit and nut paste) representing the mortar they used in building; zeroa (a roasted lamb shankbone or neck of fowl), a reminder of the paschal lamb sacrificed in the days of the Temple; karpas (parsley, radish, celery or new potato) dipped in salt water, a reminder of tears shed during slavery and a sign that spring is a season of hope; and beitza (a hard-boiled or roasted egg), symbolizing the renewal of life.
Harris-Shapiro, "Bloody Shankbones and Braided Bread: The Food Voice and the Fashioning of American Jewish Identities," Food and Foodways 14, 2 (2006): 67-90; M.