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A 2011 Ford F-350 pickup and 2008 BMW 135i  were also seized from Shamo.
Shamo also called on the Iraqi government to provide immediate assistance to the city as the public service infrastructure and thousands of civilian properties are destroyed due to the confrontations.
Several hundred people had gathered in the Shamo Hotel to watch the 43 medical, engineering and computer science students from Benadir University receive their diplomas when the blast ripped through the festively decorated ballroom.
Shamo Hotel was packed with graduates from Benadir University, their parents and officials when the powerful blast tore through the ceremony.
As the Mayor unveils his latest idea to save Swallow Falls - opening a lame theme park called Sardineland, complete with Shamo, the world's largest (but still tiny) sardine - Flint's machine gets somehow shot into the atmosphere.
IA z vamy buv i budu kozhnu myt'-: spohady, statti, materialy pro kompozytora Ihoria Shamo.
But it seems true that the Ainu people are so-called natives who have been living in the Hokkaido or Sakhalin regions from early days and that they have been considering themselves a separate small ethnic group calling the non-Ainu people wajin or shamo.
Shamo (sha-mo) A Japanese breed that was used for cockfighting, and now is known as a meat-producing bird.
Shamo Quaye, del Umea sueco y seleccionado ghanes, fallece dos dias despues de recibir un golpe en la cara con un balon.
extremity of the great Shamo or Cobi of the Chinese geographers.
The most recent reprint is a Chinese translation that appeared in 2002 under the title Gebi shamo (The Gobi Desert), published in Beijing by China Youth Publishing House.
Shamo is Senior ITS Engineer, UPS Corporation, Indianapolis, Indiana.
At the dirt landing strip where we arrived in Somalia, we were met by Faisal Ahmed Abdulle, a 32-year-old translator from the Shamo Hotel.
They have many different names in different areas: edeyen, ramla, goz, nefud, kum, peski, and shamo, among others.
Marcia Shamo is a certification manager at Avionitek Ltd.