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English poet and dramatist considered one of the greatest English writers (1564-1616)

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(1.) See Dixon Wecter, "Shakespere's Purpose in Timon of Athens."
but produced me in the same Age as a Milton, a Shakespere, a Pope, A Newton, a Clarendon, or any Other Great Men you please to add, I should without doubt have been equal to any of Them.
She won her Oscar for Shakespere in Love but recently has cut back on roles to play mum to Apple and Moses, her children with Martin.
Unlike the four distinctly physical productions that explored the 2007 Orpheus theme, this year's operas were all presented on a single set, a recreation of the Globe Theatre in Shakespere's time.
A comparison of six adaptations of Shakespere's Coriolanus, 1681-1962; how changing politics influence the interpretation of a text.
Plato, Aristotle, Dante, Shakespere, and Dostoyevsky were not liberals.
(12) Cited in The Shakespere Allusion-Book: A Collection of Allusions to Shakspere from 1591 to 1700, ed.
O'Sullivan, and he not only wrote a preface for Delia Bacon's Philosophy of the Plays of Shakespere Unfolded but underwrote (and took a loss) on its publication.
Nykiel, Joanna 2006 Ellipsis in Shakespere's syntax.
Richard Wilson's argument rests on the whole tripod, and he dismisses Greenblatt's alternative out of hand: "for four hundred years John Shakespere's financial alibi was swallowed by most scholars," who, Wilson maintains, misread the evidence (49).
Baldwin, William Shakespere's Small Latine and Lesse Greeke, Vol.
In response to requests that he perform in his after work hours at Ike Hines's, that figure "never essayed anything below a reading from Shakespere [sic]" (BM 76, 87).