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English poet and dramatist considered one of the greatest English writers (1564-1616)

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12) Cited in The Shakespere Allusion-Book: A Collection of Allusions to Shakspere from 1591 to 1700, ed.
In response to requests that he perform in his after work hours at Ike Hines's, that figure "never essayed anything below a reading from Shakespere [sic]" (BM 76, 87).
She admits the the mural includes 11 spelling 'oversights' including the names of historical figures such as Eistein, Shakespere, Van Gough, and Michaelangelo.
As a result, in my reading, there is no resonance of the authors' pasts, only the present which I encounter, as though I were to read in Montale's "On an Unwritten Letter," his Message in a Bottle without knowing Vigny's "bouteille a la mer" or that his images are redolent of Dante and Ovid, Catullus and Petrarch, the Troubadours and Pound, and that his idiom is imbued with the Platonic, the Biblical, and the Bergsonian; or Chaucer without Boccacio and Petrarch, or Shakespere without Chaucer, or Milton wihout Shakespere, or Wordsworth wihout Milton, and so on.
WILLIAM Shankley ac nid William Shakespere ddywedodd: ``Football is more important than life and death even
1818 Thomas Bowdler, a member of the English Society for the Suppression of Vice, publishes The Bowdler Family Shakespere, removing all "words and expressions .