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Synonyms for Shakespearean

a Shakespearean scholar

of or relating to William Shakespeare or his works

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Shakespearean Narrative is not, however, without its disappointments.
However, when Michael Long talks about compassion also being a common factor in the Shakespearean tragedies, he does not present a radical or an entirely different view: for sympathizing with the character is what a reader is stimulated to do in the traditional meaning of a tragedy as well.
John Cunningham highlights the significance of Thomas Arne's Shakespearean song settings, providing a fresh methodological approach by analyzing the initial response to and re-use and reception of a specific set of compositions from 1740 to 1864.
From these brief considerations--specifically, the concentration of Wise's output, the association between Wise, George Carey, and the Chamberlain's Men, the timing of the publications and Stationers' Register entries, and the consistency in printed presentation--the Shakespearean attributions in the Wise quartos can be seen as pointing towards a patronage network that has influenced the selection and presentation of these plays in print, as well as our understanding of the relationship between published texts and wider performance repertories.
Known as ShakeSpeak, the keyboard uses predictive technology to convert text into the Shakespearean tongue.
In Determining the Shakespeare Canon, I was also able to demonstrate that various previously noted pointers to and away from Shakespeare's authorship of Arden of Faversham fell into patterns that tended to corroborate the Craig-Kinney division between a largely Shakespearean middle section and a largely non-Shakespearean beginning and end--a division made in ignorance of the earlier evidence and therefore independent of it (Jackson 60-84).
But culture minister Ed Vaizey said the Government was "very supportive" of plans to tap into Prescot's Shakespearean heritage in a Westminster debate yesterday.
Emulation on the Shakespearean Stage begins with a genealogy of the culture of emulation in which early modern dramatists and their audiences engaged.
Employing Gerard Genette's concepts of palimpsests and intertextuality, Drouin provides a new "Theory of Shakespearean Adaptation" in her second chapter that builds upon the work of scholars including Daniel Fischlin, Mark Fortier, Linda Hutcheon, and Ric Knowles.
Shakespearean plays do not invite much copyright hassles to adapt.
It is a fascinating and groundbreaking book that explores the significance of non-English language Shakespearean adaptations, drawing on examples from Africa, Brazil, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, Tibet and elsewhere.
Washington, May 18 ( ANI ): Gerard Depardieu has deemed Abel Ferrara's 'Welcome to New York', a fictionalized depiction of the Dominique Strauss-Kahn sexual assault case as a "Shakespearean Tragedy".
The week-long event saw students experiencing Shakespeare's World across the curriculum: Shakespearean school rules in English, Tudor cooking (gingerbread), creating maps of Albion in Geography, Macbeth workshops in drama, making Tudor purses in Design Technology, creating Shakespearean portraits in Art and digital versions in ICT.
In the first section this entails an exploration of the editing and publication of Shakespeare (both real and forged) which investigates: the increasing professionalization of Shakespearean scholarship and its indebtedness to the methods of biblical and classical studies; the figure of the genius as it came to be associated with Shakespeare; the ways in which contemporary reviews exemplified the enthusiasm for Shakespeare in the literary marketplace, and, concomitantly, how Vortigern and Double Falsehood could be seen as "creations of th[is] drive for literary monumentalization" (94).
The special issue of Borrowers and Lenders, Asian Shakespeares on Screen: Two Films in Perspective (2009), Alexander Huang's Shakespeare in Asia, Hollywood and Cyberspace (2009), Dennis Kennedy and Yong Li Lan's Shakespeare in Asia: Contemporary Performance (2010), a special issue of Asian Theatre Journal entitled Asian Shakespeares 2.0 (2011), edited by Alexander Huang, and Shakespearean Adaptations in East Asia (2012) are cases in point.