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a celibate and communistic Christian sect in the United States

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That done, we went to visit our place of destination, which was some two miles off, and the way to which was soon indicated by a finger-post, whereon was painted, 'To the Shaker Village.
Presently, there stalked into this apartment, a grim old Shaker, with eyes as hard, and dull, and cold, as the great round metal buttons on his coat and waistcoat; a sort of calm goblin.
As nothing was to be urged in opposition to this reasonable arrangement, we requested leave to make some trifling purchases of Shaker goods; which was grimly conceded.
Nor is this at Lebanon the only Shaker settlement: there are, I think, at least, three others.
Consequently, Shaker beasts seldom fail to find a ready market.
2) The use of dance is appropriate since it was an integral part of Shaker worship; dance songs, like "Simple Gifts," and "Come Life, Shaker Life," are still sung by the current Shakers at Sabbathday Lake, Maine.
For such generalised operations, the shakers need to be placed into the hands of expert users--so that problems such as strange payload resonances can be identified and prevented so they don't damage the shaker table.
The subject of the tender is the supply of two pieces of bulk refrigerated orbital shakers, 2 pieces incubated shakers Even without cooling, 1 piece table chilled orbital shaker, 1 piece shaker, two pieces of orbital bulk refrigerated incubator and 1 piece of laboratory shakers heated, all the science lab partners BIOCEV project.
The Shakers who once inhabited the bucolic location now known as Hancock Shaker Village are long gone, but the relics left behind offer a glimpse into a progressive culture whose skills and knowledge of technology, engineering, farming and functional design are woven into the fabric of contemporary society.
Thermo Fisher Scientific's MaxQ High Performance Orbital Digital Shakers include open air and incubated benchtop models and incubated or refrigerated floor models.
The Great Divorce: A Nineteenth-Century Mother's Extraordinary Fight against Her Husband, the Shakers, and Her Times.
Used in combination with the single-use Erlenmeyer flasks SENSOLUX[R] EF, the shaker platform facilitates easy, non-invasive, reliable and highly informative online measurement of these crucial process parameters in incubation shakers.
Shekhar Suman will have his trademark wit in store but, will also bring on board the experiences gathered over last 10 years to tickle audiences funny bone in this fresh season of Movers & Shakers.
In 1788, the celibate Shakers attempted to institutionalize equality of the sexes in their theology, government, and daily practice.
Historical records reveal independent and fulfilled women who became Shakers for religious reasons but also for secular opportunities unknown in the outside world, including companionship, refuge from sexual predation, and a chance for professional or governmental fulfillment.