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Synonyms for Shivaism

a Hindu sect worshiping Shiva

worship of Shiva one of the 3 chief gods of the Hindu pantheon


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The five levels described above are found in Shaivism (Singh, 2006; SenSharma, 2007) and as such, the mathematical formalism developed here links with philosophical monism.
The traditions of Buddhism, Shaivism and Islam constitute important pillars of identity and intellectual heritage of Kashmir Valley.
In highlighting Heidegger's notion of Lichtung as 'clearing' in 'late' Heideggerian thinking, Wilberg sees its parrallel within the Shiva Sutras of Kashmir Shaivism.
The triadic heart of Siva: Kaula Tantricism of Abhinavagupta in the non-dual Shaivism of Kashmir.
Kashmiriyat is infact, nectar churned out of the interaction of the Principles of Kashmir Shaivism and Islamic sufi-ism.
The rise of Shaivism with its new network of Vidyapithas/agamas must have gained fresh cultural energy in Bhaktapur, a newly founded city in and around shivagala, when the Tripura palace too was built as the royal seat consisting of five courtyards.
After having reminded his audience that, at the time of his youth, the Balinese called their religion simply Agama Bali, Sugriwa explained that, in Bali as in Java, the teachings of Shaivism and Buddhism had merged to constitute what is now being called Agama Hindu Bali.
Islamic contact in Hindu Orissa or kalinga or Utkal dates back to 16th century, specifically 1568 AD Orissa being one of the ancient civilizations (It even finds mention in Rig Veda) has been ruled by many Hindu kings patronising Shaivism, Budhism, Jainism and Vaishnavism.
To one side against the wall is a long enclosure with brass idols of 63 nayanars or disciples who propagated Shaivism (one of the two strands of Hindu theism; the other is Vaishnavism, the belief that Vishnu is the supreme lord).
In the Christian tradition, Meister Eckhart speaks of the "pathless path" (der weglose Weg), Kashmiri Shaivism speaks of the an-upaya "no means" way to liberation, Buddhist sources talk about the "gateless gate" (wu men zhi men [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), and Laozi's Daode jing [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] begins with the assertion that "the way that can be told is not the permanent way" ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]).
95) discusses Shaivism and the Western world, from its cosmological ideals to its connections between science and religion--something Westerners are only just beginning to probe.
Another problem is that the tradition of Shiva, erroneously referred to as Kashmir shaivism, is centrally concerned with the category of the self; the self is its main focus and area of debate.
68) In Tamil Nadu, in the south, the Saiva saint Janasambandar is said to have forcibly, converted the Pandya ruler from Jainism to Shaivism.
names her source on India for this poem as Sir Alexander Johnstone, a man who evinced a lifelong interest in Tamil literature, Tamil Shaivism, and Sinhalese Buddhism.
Hinduism has many branches, with the most widely followed being Vaishnavism and Shaivism.