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United States artist whose work reflected social and political themes (1898-1969)

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The council called for encouraging the two countries' businessmen to avail from the merits provided in the industrial zones in Aden, al-Mazyouna, Shahn and Salalah.
Along with photographic heavyweights Gordon Parks, Walker Evans, and Ben Shahn, the FSA hired Dorothea Lange, and it was her photographs in particular that helped win the hearts and minds of millions of Americans by showing them the beauty of the nation's down and out.
I loved Edward Hopper and Ben Shahn, but the story I wanted to tell had to be an original one.
He noted that the bank has opened a branch in the custom Shahn outlet, hailing efforts of the bank's leadership in updating the performance mechanism of the bank in the different governorates.
Ingrowing Thoughts offers a more diverse group of European painters, Picasso, van den Bergh, di Chirico, Ernst, the American, Ben Shahn, and three English painters, Paul Nash, J.
Referred to Freeman's by the London office of Lyon & Turnbull, the collection includes works by Ben Shahn, Ilya Schor, Alfred Daniels, Chaim Gross, Robert Vickrey, Jacob Lawrence, Jules Kirschenbaum, Philip Evergood and Gregorio Prestopino, inspired by poems from Robert Frost, William Carlos Williams and others.
In working on a sequence of portraits about the famous Dreyfus Affair in France at the turn of the twentieth century, Shahn turned to "calligraphic narration" (Prescott 18); that is, he "signed" every painting with the name and rank of the person represented.
Rukeyser, Malcolm Cowley, and the painter Ben Shahn, among others, worked in the OWI's Graphics Division to devise both the content and the formal means of delivery for war-related information.
Shahn sees the need for a unity of personality and view, combined with the creative capacities of the person so that acts, works, thinking and knowledge are part of a whole.
236) Diana Linden's essay on Ben Shahn examines his New Deal murals and sees strong markers of interwar Jewish identity in their dedication to liberal social policy, support for immigration reform, and desire for political freedom.
We call the mural Love and Joy About Letters, after the title of Ben Shahn's autobiography, because so many of us have fallen in love with the designs of letters as a small child as Shahn described in his book.
The works of black artists such as Radcliff Bailey, Whitfield Lovell, Gordon Parks and Carrie Mae Weems are included alongside the works of many non-black artists including Graciela Iturbide, Helen Levitt and Ben Shahn.
The Sacco and Vanzetti trial, imprisonment, and execution inspired numerous twentieth-century artists, including writers John Dos Passos and Upton Sinclair, painter Ben Shahn, and composer Ruth Crawford Seeger.
When my family moved there, it was old, Jewish garment workers and artists like Ben Shahn and David Stone-Martin and a lot of leftist artists, but my parents were leftists too.
She liked Ben Shahn, Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, etc.