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title for the former hereditary monarch of Iran

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Waris Shah, Khuda dian khanian noon eeh mullah bhi chambray hain blain" (Waris Shah, mullahs are evil forces clinging to God's place).
Also, Azerbaijani Minister of Industry & Energy Natiq Aliyev said with the Shah Deniz II project, 16 bcm natural gas would probably be added to the 9 bcm gas in Shah Deniz I.
In his only big-budget Hollywood venture, "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen," Shah played Captain Nemo alongside screen legend Sean Connery in 2003.
Shah does expect to see some wins come as a result of focusing on those aspects.
They took the victim to a riverbank near Victoria Bridge where Shah pushed him to the ground and punched and kicked him while Rafiq threatened to throw him into the Tees.
Lebanon marks the 115th country Shah is passing through in his overall hope of visiting 150 countries by mid 2009.
Under pressure from Carter, the Shah released from prison hundreds of terrorists and criminals whom Carter and the media had designated "political prisoners" and "human rights activists.
had secretly helped topple Iran's prime minister and restore the Shah to his throne after he had gone into exile during a power struggle with members of bran's elected parliament.
He was a dissident appointed as the prime minister by the Shah at the very end of his rule in a desperate attempt to save the monarchy and wasn't associated with violence.
Indeed, those moments when Shah can offer a book to a child are just as important as the visit and checkup, she said.
Given all this, I am proud that on that weekend many years ago, I concluded that the Shah relieved himself from time to time, and so did the queen and the Crown Prince, even though this would have made them just too human.
Employing a signature approach to Minimalism, characterized by rich materials and sparseness enhanced by a subtle application of warmth, Shah is embarking on his latest downtown project -- creating the interior architecture and design for 150 Nassau at City Hall Park, a spectacular landmark building being renovated to create 45 new luxury condominium homes.
Solihull lawyer Peter Shah, who once accused his employers, the Crown Prosecution Service, of institutional racism, wept in the Old Bailey dock as he heard that the abuse of his position had cost him his career and reputation.
Pakistani police on Wednesday arrested Pir Mubarak Shah, a Pakistani activist allegedly involved in the disappearance of U.
Shah surgically implanted a scleral buckle to keep the patient's retina in place.