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a rotating shaft that transmits power from the engine to the point of application

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Triumph is also set to unveil a new big tourer in a brazen attempt to take on the BMW R1200RT - the Triumph Trophy 1,200, which will also be benefitting from Triumph's new shaft drive.
Each individual sensor is assembled and tested as are the enclosure and shaft drive system.
3- litre Rocket III cruisers after discovering a fault in the bike's shaft drive.
A tubular steel spine frame houses the motor while maintenance-free shaft drive lays power to the massive, 240/50-section rear tyre.
six-head moulder from Akhurst Machinery features a full cardan shaft drive to feedworks, with an individual worm reduction gear box to each feed roll station and a 5-hp variable speed drive which feeds 20 to 82 fpm.
Unscrambler features a synchronized line shaft drive into a feed screw.
The precise shaft drive also takes some getting used to.
OBS bikes feature Dynamic Bicycles shaft drive technology, Shimano internal gearing, and an integrated key locking solution from Morse Watchmans, to simplify setup, usage, and maintenance.
It is to be equipped with a 1293cc, in-line four-cylinder water-cooled engine that produces 175bhp at 9,250rpm and maximum torque of 140Nm at 8,250, coupled with a six-speed gearbox that transfers power to the real wheel via a shaft drive.
The T235 design inherits popular traits of the Shindaiwa brand such as a solid shaft drive, comfortable and ergonomically correct grips, premium two-stage air filtration, and full-wrap tank stand.
The Explorer is also equipped with a conventional shaft drive like the BMW which makes maintenance easy for those worldwide expeditions.
There's no clunkiness from the shaft drive either - it's so smooth you'd mistake it for chain-drive, except without all the maintenance you really don't want on a long distance tourer.
One side of the bike is all chrome and flowing exhausts, the other is all big engine, single-sided swingarm and hefty Guzzi-patented shaft drive system.
It rocks with a blip of the throttle but that's the only time you will notice the shaft drive.