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a noncommissioned officer serving as chief administrative officer of a headquarters unit of the Army

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large blue-grey black-striped damselfish

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A report the Evening Chronicle relates Sgt Major Weldon's return to Newcastle in July 1917, when his heroism was hailed.
| Company Sgt Major Peter "Robo" Bobinson takes time out for saxophone practice, with heads swaying in time to the beat, from left, Gary Allcock, Mark Lyons and Steve Perkins
Sgt Major Hill, who speaks fluent Arabic and is currently learning Urdu, said: "What the lads may not have realised is that the challenge of building a small model car from parts develops their communication, teamwork and leadership skills.
Actually I had already received a telephone call from the son of Cpl Don Kent who was mentioned in my letter, and was also acquainted with both the Sgt Major Mog Williams and the QM Bill Watts.
And as their singing career is not their main employment Sgt Major Gary Chilton, 41, Sgt Richie Maddocks, 37, and Trooper Ryan Idzi, 24, (pictured left) will not be able to appear in full military regalia for the Royal Variety Performance.
Sgt Major Chilton said: "The response continues to be absolutely incredible, it's heartwarming to see the support."
Sgt Major Chilton, a veteran of the Gulf War, said the troops had the "full support" of commercial radio stations.
He was a giant among men and I am blessed for having him under command and the Company is blessed for having served with him." Company Sgt Major Sean Kimber said: "Rank was neither here nor there for Ben when it came to assisting those who needed his calm words of advice or his experienced hands to help.
Sgt Major O'Donnell left four children - Cayleigh, 16, Dylan, 14, Aidan, eight, and Ben, eight months.
Pte Whittaker joined 4th Battalion the Parachute Regiment last year while Sgt Major Williams, of 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment, signed up to the Army in 1986.
Lance Corporal Simon Flores and Sgt Major Michael Smith have both been Mentioned in Dispatches.
Head!) and some up and comers, too many to list, but here's a few: Pulses, Dead Vampires (which sound, on this track, somewhat Misfits-y, which is a good thing), Sgt Major (ex-Fastbacks!), the Mexican Blackbirds, Charming Snakes, and the Cripples.
By 1881 he was Sgt Instructor of Musketry and by 1885 Sgt Major Instructor receiving 9s6d a day and 18s 8d per week for rent, rations, fuel and light.
After the war, Songster was brought to live on West Beacon Farm in Woodhouse Eaves under the charge of ex-squadron Sgt Major Harry Poole.
And now Warrant Officer Class 1 Sgt Major David Lochrie has something to show for his loyalty to the Army.