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a noncommissioned officer serving as chief administrative officer of a headquarters unit of the Army

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Vehvilainen also had a lighterweight "plate carrier" body armour harness, which Sgt Maj Thomas said was not equipment ordinary soldiers were issued.
The eight medals of Sgt Maj Frank <B Poulter, including a Distinguished Conduct Medal from 1901, which are to be auctioned this weekend
Companies can get involved by calling Sgt Maj Hill on 07775 432266 or Terry Hanlon on 07875 995309.
Sgt Maj Ley, who previously served in Iraq and Northern Ireland, was only paid an extra pounds 20 a day while he was in Afghanistan for his incredibly dangerous work.
But Sgt Maj Ley, a married father-of-three from Shef-f field, South Yorkshire, modestly played down his courage under fire.
And as their singing career is not their main employment, Caerphilly-based LCpl Idzi, 24, Sgt Maj Gary Chilton, 41, and Sgt Richie Maddocks, 37, will not be able to appear in full military regalia for the Royal Variety Performance.
Guest speaker Command Sgt Maj. Darieus ZaGara of the Joint Multinational Training Command noted that today's NCOs are asked to play the parts of leaders, counselors, financial planners and much more.
He leaves a wife, Sheena, and was described by Sgt Maj Sean Kimber as an "excellent bloke".
News that Sgt Maj O'Donnell had been awarded a posthumous Bar - a second medal - to the George Medal he won for his work in Iraq in 2006 emerged as Mo Dofficials announced that dozens of servicemen had been given gallantry awards in recognition of their efforts while fighting in Afghanistan last year.
Sgt Maj Williams died in a fire-fight with the Taliban, while Pte Whittaker was killed while checking for mines.
He said: "Sgt Maj Smith set the standard for soldiering and was undoubtedly one of the most professional soldiers to have ever served in 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery.
The Yorkshire Regiment is part of the King's Division and the soldiers who attended - Capt Chris Hosty and Company Sgt Maj Peter Thompson - train new infantry soldiers at Catterick.
Everything going fine, hope to see you soon - Sgt Maj Andy Bushnell, 37, of Nottingham
"More recently I learned of the heroic rescue of Sgt Maj John O'Connor who had been wounded in the Lebanon many years ago.