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Synonyms for history

the past


Synonyms for history

a chronological record of past events

past events surrounding a person or thing

Synonyms for history

the discipline that records and interprets past events involving human beings

the continuum of events occurring in succession leading from the past to the present and even into the future

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all that is remembered of the past as preserved in writing

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30) The purposes articulated were essentially the same as the purpose for rape shield protection in criminal proceedings, namely to safeguard plaintiffs from the embarrassment of public disclosure of their sexual history and thereby encourage reporting.
Another's sexual history is quite telling: "history of unmoral conduct since early life, sex interest quite pronounced.
Lesbians' sexual history with men: implications for taking a sexual history.
And speaking today, Ms Harman is expected to say: ``It is time to stop blaming the victims, after cases such as the recent Geraldine Palk murder trial, where the sexual history of victims of rape and domestic violence has been used to discredit them.
The women who were brave enough to come forward were subject to a "nuts and sluts" defense strategy, which entailed ruthless grilling by the defense counsel about their personal lives, abortions, sexual history, domestic violence, and past medical history to cast doubt on their claims that the harassment had caused many stress-related disorders from which they suffered.
Evidence of a deceased woman's sexual history may not be considered in determining the value of her life in a wrongful death case, a panel of the Georgia Court of Appeals has ruled.
Sappho thus evidences a sense of sexual morality equivalent to that of a "true woman" despite her failure to commit suicide, her socio-legal status as Black, or her sexual history itself.
McLaren therefore demonstrates empirically Foucault's notion that Twentieth century sexual history reveals that there are no truths about sexuality.
By refusing to disclose his sexual history the inmate would be transferred to a higher security prison and lose such privileges as participation in prison organizations and activities, loss of personal tele vision, substantially restricted visitation rights, less purchasing rights at the prison canteen, and less access to the prison yard area and gym.
Other contributions, such as Brocato's, juxtapose such dissimilar texts as Mena's Laberinto deforeuna, Rojas' La Celestina, and the bawdy Caraicomedia, enabling the reader to see them as markers of Iberian sexual history.
And because she had known George for years, it didn't occur to her to ask about his sexual history or if he had been tested for HIV.
Very often, reluctance to discuss sexual history is generally the caregiver's problem rather than the elder's.
Unfortunately, recent qualitative research suggests that these statements may have been interpreted by many individuals to mean that cursory knowledge about one's partner or his or her sexual history is sufficient to make safer sexual practices unnecessary (Misovich, Fisher, & Fisher, 1996; Hammer, Fisher, & Fisher, 1996; Offir, Fisher, & Fisher, 1993; Williams, Kimble, Covell, Weiss, Newton Fisher, & Fisher, 1992).
com), the Internet's first confidential sexual history tracking service has partnered with getSTDtested (http://www.