nocturnal emission

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ejaculation during sleep (usually during a dream)

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As the limits of a paper prevent an exhaustive survey of texts, I focus on those filaments of Islamic jurisprudence, hadis literature and specialist manuals that address dreams, particularly sexual dreams, and erotic visions.
By 45 years of age, 37% of women reported having had a sexual dream with orgasm (Kinsey, 1953).
A sexual dream accompanied by an orgasm may indicate a need to release and balance physical energy.
Prosecuting, Tom Scapens said Toogood had left a voicemail message with his victim in which he said he had sexual dreams of her, and that "he relieved himself by thinking of her".
Dream Rooster even comes with a method for learning how to have lucid sexual dreams, which is when someone controls their dreams and explores their deepest sexual fantasies.
Although they never met, Francis told her he had sexual dreams about her, wanted to take her virginity and to "have his babies".
Children were asked if they had experienced any sexual dreams, if female students had started menstruating and if male students had had any wet dreams.
Conversely, if she knows what arousal type her partner is, she will be much more likely to make her partner's sexual dreams come true, and thus increasing intimacy in the relationship.
Out of nowhere I had this massive desire to kiss her and I've been beside myself ever since - I go red when she speaks to me and have had sexual dreams about her.
What I didn't know was why my body developed so early, why my sexual self pushed so forcefully into my consciousness, why I menstruated years before I'd ever be married and had sexual dreams and suddenly found boys intriguing in a way that previously seemed impossible.
They can become more frequent as a woman nears the menopause while pregnancy can lead to sexual dreams.
All teenagers, male or female, have sexual dreams, and masturbation is a way that most of us learn about our sexual responses.
amp; you wake from mirthful & darkly humorous sexual dreams,
But as Sarah begins observing the girl from behind windows and doors, her curiosity kicks in, unleashing sexual dreams and prompting her to explore Julie's room and dip into her diary.
The modules designed to assess different aspects of sexual desire include questions on frequency of sexual dreams, frequency of sexual thoughts or desires of any kind and the overall importance of sexuality.