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Using Human Sexuality Today (King, 2009) as a required text, the class explored a wide range of sexuality related content including male and female sexual anatomy, sexual response, sexual dysfunctions, atypical sexual stimuli, rape, pornography, prostitution, intersexuality, and sexual orientation.
Learning about your sexual anatomy and functioning through observation, self-exploration, and discovery allows you to be more comfortable with your body and sexuality.
While feminists deployed a penis/clitoris homology to claim an independent and autonomous sexuality for women, and to celebrate the clitoris as a site of ecstasy in its own right, contemporary work in sexual anatomy gives it a functional existence in relation to the vagina, which is conceptualized as a receptor for a "cylindrical insertion tool" here, the erect penis (that is, when it's not being used as a birth canal).
The mission, he said, provides services to transgendered people, and has enough beds to meet demand, but requires people to sleep in segregated dormitories consistent with their sexual anatomy.
The three-volume video program from the Sinclair Institute is an explicit sexual education guide for adults, which covers everything from sexual anatomy to fantasy role-play.
Did you discuss sexual anatomy and the physiology of pleasure?
Even a simple understanding of sexual anatomy or the importance of both fathers and mothers for children demonstrates how gay marriage discards the beauty of human design.
Machismo has created a society where women remain ignorant about their sexual anatomy.
In addition to the total lack of any opportunity to see someone of the other sex not completely clothed either in person or in print, and little or no sexual information about one's own sexual anatomy, the spouse's sexual anatomy, and what to expect in sexual arousal, can create a potent problem-producing context.
She offers details on sexual anatomy, gender roles, and sexual behavior without resorting to a "gay gene" to account for this diversity.
Children need to learn age-appropriate sexual anatomy and physiology and prevention, but I'd like to see it more in the context of relationships.
It is not surprising, therefore, that nineteenth-century physicians and scientists would stipulate and then set out to confirm that black men were closer to the lower animals also when it came to sexual appetite, lack of morality, and, to a certain degree, sexual anatomy.
To look like a woman is to look good, a way of visualizing which does not fixate on sexual anatomy but which allows for materiality.
Allison admitted he had given Miss A books on sexual anatomy.
There are graphic representations of female sexual anatomy in the painting, but I submit that no one would find these detached, free-floating images sexually stimulating.