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They were taken through sexual education with details on sexual anatomy and physiology.
A course in human sexuality has the potential to provide valuable information about the function of the sexual anatomy, pregnancy and childbirth, contraception, sexually transmitted infections, and sexual dysfunctions as well as to expose students to the range of sexual behaviors enjoyed by humans.
Buehler, a sex therapist and psychologist, begins by reviewing sexual anatomy and psychosexual development; separate chapters are devoted to women's and men's sexual health.
The impact of sexual scripts that relay negative messages can result in sexual concerns including low libido, lack of sexual desire, inability to initiate sex, body image concerns, ambivalence about having sex for pleasure, and lack of education about sexual anatomy and functioning.
Education to increase prevention of acquiring a STI should at a minimum include: age appropriate but accurate instruction on physical and sexual anatomy, human biology, normality and the range of human sexual expression: specifically including health oriented instruction on moral and ethics, emotional, behavioral, psychological and physiologic responses.
This case study in a single cadaver adds to the growing body of literature regarding women's sexual anatomy and physiology," Goldstein added.
What distinguishes the most recent scientific research and representation of sexual anatomy however is its context--the definition, diagnosis and treatment of sexual dysfunction.
The Birth of Mankind is aided by fascinating diagrams of the birthing stool and 'The Birth figures' in addition to Book One's illustrations of the female sexual anatomy.
Sexual health care and safe sex assume a basic knowledge, understanding and acceptance of one's sexual anatomy, sexual response and sexual functioning.
Because activists were interested in bringing together people who shared similar treatment and life experiences, they made use of the term intersex to refer to any condition in which reproductive or sexual anatomy does not conform to typical understandings of male and female.
Don't assume that most guys have a clue about a woman's sexual anatomy.
With the aid of illustrations, the discussion ranges from normal male sexual anatomy and function to psychosocial and medical aspects of ED.
The training covers sexual anatomy, physiology and everything you ever wanted to know about the products for sale.
Did you discuss sexual anatomy and the physiology of pleasure?