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Synonyms for unchaste

not chaste or moral

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not chaste

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Moslener retraces this history to demonstrate that the messages of organizations such as True Love Waits and Silver Ring Thing, which promote premarital sexual abstinence, is not new but rather part of a cycle.
There is general agreement that semen volume and sperm concentration will increase with prolonged sexual abstinence, but simultaneously it can have a negative impact on motility, viability (12-14) and seminal plasma contribution (15).
Recent studies show that when faithfully observed, sexual abstinence not only protects the youth from unwanted diseases, but also effectively lessens the incidence of premarital sex and the number of unwanted pregnancies and abortion.
Descriptive analyses induded frequency of sexual behaviours and reasons for sexual abstinence, with their 95% confidence intervals.
A significant increase in sexual abstinence is a larger driver of that change, said Dr.
Randy Hultgren (R-IL) have introduced legislation that would reestablish "risk avoidance" through sexual abstinence as the federal government's priority in this area.
For example, they report that 'The authors suggest that a limited period of population-wide sexual abstinence might be an effective and low-cost method of interrupting the transmission of HIV' and that 'a limited period of abstinence might be theoretically infective in limiting HIV transmission', suggesting that the strategy focuses solely on abstinence.
Teaching about sexual abstinence should be part of a comprehensive sex and relationship education (SRE) programme and not taught in isolation, Unite/CPHVA has stated.
The backbencher is on a crusade to introduce US-style lessons on sexual abstinence into schools and is trying to get laws through Parliament to make them compulsory.
TEENAGE girls should be taught the benefits of sexual abstinence, MPs were told.
He said: "I'm not one of those sportsmen who practises a strict policy of sexual abstinence before playing.
The federal government has been in the teen pregnancy prevention business for three decades with almost all the money going for programs that taught only sexual abstinence.
There was no significant intervention effect on sexual abstinence.
9-11) Few prevention programs or clinical guidelines take into account the varying patterns of sexual abstinence among sexually experienced adolescent women.
Raising sexually pure kids"; sexual abstinence, conservative Christians and American politics.