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someone who has been convicted of a sex crime

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A technology which is reportedly able to identify and block convicted sex offenders is to be introduced by MySpace, an online social networking website, in the next 30 days.
The day to day management of sex offenders is really a matter for the police and probation services.
Last week, the Home Office disclosed that police had lost track of 13 registered sex offenders across Wales.
These sex offenders are going to be living in towns without sex offender ordinances, and we don't want to be one of those towns sandwiched between communities that have ordinances in place," Maloof said.
The legislation, which was this week agreed in the House of Commons and will be considered by the House of Lords on July 12, means polygraph testing of sex offenders will be undertaken throughout England and Wales.
Wardens are an important population to examine, as such individuals uniquely understand the activities, culture and structure of the prison environment in which sex offenders are often participants.
If you are surprised to learn that children as young as 9 can even be registered as sex offenders, you might be even more surprised to know that inclusion of minors on sex-offender registries has been federally mandated since 2006, when an (http://www.
The suit was filed as a class action on behalf of registered sex offenders in Indiana.
The figures were released in a report by the Ministry of Justice on the work of the area's Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) in managing sex offenders, violent offenders and other dangerous criminals.
Jacob Sullum replies: It is hardly surprising that sex offenders are more likely than, say, burglars to be arrested for a sex offense.
Lawmakers passed a law in 2007 that allowed the death penalty for certain repeat child sex offenders.
FOUR convicted sex offenders are on the loose after giving police in the North East the slip.
COOS BAY - Seven registered sex offenders in Coos County were arrested by Oregon State Police detectives in a sweep for noncompliance with registration requirements.
NINE dangerous sex offenders were charged with other serious sex crimes while out on licence, it was revealed yesterday.
While well-intentioned, Florida's current laws restricting where sex offenders released from prison can live undermines public safety and need to be reformed.
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