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a textile machine used as a home appliance for sewing

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They said that total amount of the tender was Rs17 million which had been allocated for sewing machines from the discretionary funds of the council members.
Recently, they have succeeded in developing computer controlled pattern sewing machine, which once again makes the brand of GOLDEN WHEEL one of the top brands around the world.
Answering reporters' questions after the hearing, Aleema said she bought properties by earning through sewing machines. 'People poke fun at sewing machines, which employ thousands [of people].
ISLAMABAD -- The Falah-e-Insaniat Foundation (FIF) on Friday sent 50 sewing machines and 500 food packs to Tharparkar (Sindh) under its self sufficiency programme.
Hisham Al Zahrani distributes electronic sewing machines to women in need at the Dar Al Ber Society office.
The Philippine Business for Social Progress on Thursday gave out 50 sewing machines in support of livelihood initiatives for conflict-stricken residents of Marawi City.
"The Flying Sewing Machine" is a charming tale in verse that invites readers to use their imagination to voyage to an amazing town called Sewland, where everyone stops working at 2:00 PM every afternoon, to work on sewing projects with the special assistance of uniquely talented, flying sewing machines.
According to the details, Social Welfare Standing Committee of the council along with Social Welfare Department in the district have engulfed hundreds of thousands of rupees through buying of sewing machines for the poor residents.
Asaph are collecting as many old Singer sewing machines as possible, to be able to help people with disabilities living in rural areas of Malawi who are amongst the poorest and most vulnerable in society.
SEWING MACHINES TODAY are practically computers that happen to have needles attached to them, but when Isaac Merritt Singer patented Singer's first sewing machine in 1861, its technology blew the doors of home sewing wide open.
SIDON, Lebanon, Oct 30 (KUNA) -- International Islamic Charitable Organization (IICO) distributed thousands of sewing machines to female Syrian refugees in Sidon, Lebanon, to help them start their own small businesses.
"Because of our ultrasonic technology and the design of our rotary sewing machines, we can provide lifesaving product features and even help boost production," says Sonobond Vice President Melissa Alleman.
IT'S one of the more bizarre phobias to have - but DJ Gemma Cairney has revealed how she overcame her fear of sewing machines to take part in a new TV show.
Baby Lock's entire line of computerized sewing machines are affordable and also include a variety of inexpensive features at an introductory price to help novice sewers break into the craft without a high cost.
As I learned more about machine quilting and progressed through a few different sewing machines, I learned more about sewing machine feet (there are many!), when to use them (free motion?