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a city in southwestern Spain

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Nonetheless, the Sevillian tradition of finding a correlative for their meditative figures in the vessels they carry or stand among persists.
For a proper appreciation of Sevillian desserts, head to Confiteria La Campana.
Wally Green preserves This stall specialises in using age-old ingredients, traditional cooking methods and a stylish twist to create rather lovely jams and preserves, like Lavender Blue and fresh Rosemary Jelly, blackcurrant and mint or strawberry, peach and Sevillian strawberry Gin jam.
wishing to preserve their honour and fearing its loss, imagine a thousand usual inconveniences and disasters, plunge into much sadness and excessive care to the point that they turn into melancholics.' (45) Likewise, the role of the imagination in both the physical and the psychological health of patients with melancholic inclinations is stressed in the first work in a vernacular language specifically and entirely devoted to melancholy, Libro de la melancolia (1585), by Andres Velasquez, a Sevillian physician trained at the University of Alcala: (46)
514/1120-1), a Sevillian scholar of Arabic and literature, had said that the only noun in the Arabic language in which the first consonant and the second consonant are the same was the name Babus, found in a hadith.
The late-seventeenth century Sevillian painter Bartolome Esteban Murillo was renowned both for his large-scale public altarpieces and small devotional works that inspired faith and elicited piety as respectively shown in his St.
- Sevillian Devils On Horseback - Serrano Ham -Wrapped Dates, Stuffed with Manchego Cheese, Quince Membrillo
Other highlights of Auckland Castle's exhibition will include St Bartholomew, St James Major and St Paul that form part of Durham Cathedral's cycle of 17th century Sevillian paintings of the Apostles not seen on public display for more than 60 years, and the newly restored Christ Carrying the Cross by a follower of Bartolome Esteban Murillo from the private chapel at Raby Castle.
THAT IN 1598 Tomas Luis de Victoria should authorize his Sevillian agents to collect 900 reales due for the sale of his music in far-away Peru is evidence not only that the composer's fame was far reaching, but also that Cathedral music in New Spain was of high enough caliber to create a demand for the finest peninsular music.
Beyond the sea of lavender at the foot of the house, the old well and the restored ancient Sevillian water fountain, the herringbone path passes beneath the pergola, before emerging onto lawns sloping gently towards the River Avon with views of the crumbling medieval bridge and old mill.
(11) On the one hand, all the versions whose inspiring source is Merimee (Les Ames du Purgatoire, 1834), that is, those versions that melt together the legends of Don Juan and the Sevillian knight Miguel de Marana, show a converted and sanctified Don Juan, completely alter the ending and, consequently, remove the character from the mythological milieu--Alexandre Dumas (Don Juan de Marana ou le chute d'un ange, 1836), Manuel and Antonio Machado (Juan de Marana, 1927), Miguel de Unamuno (El hermano Juan o el mundo es teatro, 1934).
Located on the historic Calle San Fernando, Hotel Alfonso XIII is considered to be one of the grandest hotels in Europe, originally designed by Sevillian architect Jos Espiau y Muoz and eventually named after King Alfonso XIII.
In this essay, Laird demonstrates that Jesuit authors in New Spain wrote in Latin because they wanted to construct a legacy for Mexico to match the monumental representation of Iberia's august Greco-Roman past and of the Spanish Golden Age in the Bibliotheca Hispana nova and the Bibliotheca Hispana vetus which the Sevillian scholar Nicolas Antonio had compiled in Latin in the mid-1600s.
The rest of our weekend is spent wandering through the historic streets and resting in the squares, most of which boast mosaic-tiled seats and elaborate fountains and strolling through the honeysuckle-scented parks where horses and carriages carrying beautiful Sevillian senoritas trot through the walkways.