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Introduced to Spain sometime in the 10th Century by the Moors, the Seville orange, also known as the Bigarade, is almost uniquely used in the jam-making business, though it is also grown for its luscious oil, which finds its way into many perfumes.
The combination of 12 botanicals, such as grapefruit and Seville orange peels, bitter almond, and orris root, as well as rare Japanese Sencha tea and Chinese green tea, provides a smooth, earnest, and distinctive taste.
It's made from a 1980 vintage whisky finished in Sherry casks for two years, giving the Scotch an intense Seville orange peel note, even an orange furniture polish character.
The product's blend includes grapefruit, orris root and Seville orange peel with accents of Japanese sencha and Chinese green teas.
Seville orange juice-felodipine interaction: comparison with dilute grapefruit juice and involvement of furocoumarins.
* Seville Orange: Seville orange with peel in dark chocolate.
For a final twist of flavour I have stirred in Seville orange marmalade, to give the whole thing a freshness.
Stars: Price: PS19 Available: Sainsbury's M&S Seville orange marmalade Another good marmalade, which is just a bit sweeter than the others but certainly a suitable accompaniment to a piece of toast.
I ate Dorset crab, venison pie with a buttery biscuit pastry and sage mash, and finished with orange marmalade jelly with chocolate sorbet, which was like biting into a Seville orange.
There are seven variants in the new range: Raspberry, Strawberry, Country Berry, Rhubarb & Ginger, Thin Cut Seville orange, Three Fruits, and a new addition: Thick Cut Seville Orange.
For Seville orange marmalade, you will need 1.5kg Seville oranges, two lemons, 2.6kg granulated sugar and six pints of water.
The Buninyong submission includes several marmalade varieties, including Seville orange, grapefruit, kumquat, lime, lemon and three-fruits.
For the sweet, they have Seville Orange and Cinnamon; and for the savory-minded, there are Rosemary & Thyme and Sea Salt & Sesame.
for desayuno: churros with chocolate, toast with Seville orange marmalade, and fried eggs with chorizo.
The gins on offer are: Gin Lane 1751 Victoria Pink Gin - PS19.99 (70cl) which Aldi describes as "a delicious gin mixed from eight botanicals (juniper, coriander, angelica, orris root, Sicilian lemon, Seville orange, cassia bark and star anise) following a traditional Victorian recipe."