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Synonyms for severance

Synonyms for severance

a personal or social separation (as between opposing factions)

the act of severing


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Local MP Yvette Cooper (Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford) raised concerns the miners would not even receive the same severance packages handed to miners at Thoresby colliery in July.
The previous year severance packages cost the authorities more than PS13m for 651 employees who left.
Grassley, however, said severance packages are for involuntary separations, not willing exits.
If you currently are not subject to a non-compete and are now being asked to sign one as part of your severance package, consider your options.
Atkinson declined to give the amount or details of the severance package.
Of those reporting severance packages, 82 percent indicated it was a long-term package; 15 percent receive a bridging-concept package and 2 percent a short-term package.
This was my reality as a civil servant--no severance package and no pension.
Bush's running mate in 2000, Dick Cheney resigned as Halliburton's CEO, receiving a $36 million severance package.
They would like a 75 factor for workers who are close to a pension, and a better severance package for the employees.
The severance package from my former employer stipulated that I would get paid every two weeks for a 13-week period.
SPRINGFIELD - In this jittery economy, workers might take comfort in assuming that if they are laid off, their years of service will be rewarded with a generous severance package.
While employers need to prepare thoroughly for a meeting with a terminated employee, it is not enough to offer a great severance package, the FOCC says.
The council also approved a severance package for most employees involved in the changeover.
In accepting the severance package review all options in determining whether the package is a fair settlement.
104(a)(2), any proposed severance package should contemplate the taxability of payments made to the terminated employee.