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Synonyms for meekness

Synonyms for meekness

lack of vanity or self-importance

Synonyms for meekness

the feeling of patient, submissive humbleness


Related Words

a disposition to be patient and long suffering

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The final pages of her work offer a reinterpretation of the classical seven virtues as commercial virtues.
Seven Virtues, which includes an Afghanistan Orange Blossom fragrance, aims to give farmers an alternative income by growing the ingredients for perfumes instead.
What McCloskey calls "the seven virtues" are, according to her, "ethical primary colors, the red, blue and yellow not derivable from others but themselves able to form other colors." Continuing, she says "blue plus yellow yields green, and by analogy, "love plus faith yields loyalty.
Advantages to following the seven virtues will result in a product assortment that is:
Each of these seven virtues is explored methodically by considering the nature of the particular virtue, why it is a virtue (i.e., why it is compatible with rational self-interest), and what it requires of us in practice.
"So in the tradition of John Ringling, we envisioned Sarasota's seven virtues: music, water, flowers, medicine, learning, sculpture and bounty.
There are the seven seas, seven virtues, seven Wonders of the World, seven colours of the rainbow as well as repeated references in the Bible - the seven days of creation, the seven stars, seven deadly sins and the blessing of the seventh day.
In the middle parts of the book there is important and suggestive discussion of the seven virtues McCloskey thinks paramount: love, faith and hope (Christian and feminine virtues), courage and temperance (pagan and masculine virtues), and prudence and justice (androgynous virtues).
That document listed seven virtues for consecrated life today:
At the age of 18 Poppy launched the Seven Virtues range of lipsticks named Liberty, Integrity, Courage, Ambition, Inspiration, Unity and Virtue, and was so successful that she was feted by glossy magazines the world over and even gained entry to Who's Who.
Are any of those seven virtues more important than others in developing moral intelligence?
The compiler of L has shaped the middle part of the sentence so that it reflects the contents of his own volume, where expositions of the seven deadly sins and the seven virtues do indeed occur, along with 'o[thorn]er smale [thorn]ynges'.
Minne was one of the seven virtues of a true knight, it was the quality to possess love, divine and platonic, Sans Korper for a gracious lady and one's readiness to die for the sake of this Minne.
The best part of the exhibit is the extremely complex, Hieronymus Bosch-like compositions for prints on the subject of the Deadly Sins, the Seven Virtues, and great single compositions like the Last Judgment (1558), Everyman (1558), and The Alchemist (c.