Seven Years' War

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a war of England and Prussia against France and Austria (1756-1763)

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Yagi further muddles the importance of Native allies to both sides, stating, "Throughout the duration of the Seven Years' War, [Amerindians] contributed very little to the British war effort and remained staunchly pro-French, even when the conflict ended--after which, under Pontiac, they began their own" (99).
Calloway is a gifted writer; he effectively captures the political, diplomatic, and social complexity of North America after the Seven Years' War, yet he manages to explain the dynamics of the time in language that will be easy for undergraduates to follow.
Boulware shows how border conflicts, especially the Seven Years' War and the American Revolution, caused a broader national awareness to form among Cherokee groups, laying a foundation for the emergence of the Cherokee Nation.
In this new history of the Seven Years' War, Matt Sclmmann and Karl Schweizer attempt to offer the first comprehensive history of that conflict since Sir Julian Corbett's 1907 classic, England in the Seven Years' War: The authors' stated goals are "to present a hint of that elusive overarching history, synthesizing the past century and more of often remarkable scholarship on this important historical watershed, while drawing upon an array of archival resources that have not been available to previous generations" (p.
He divides his canvas into three sections: planting the new colonies; consolidating the colonies; and 'emancipation'--the expansion of the colonies, the effect of the Seven Years' War and the moves towards independence.
Anderson, a history professor at the University of Colorado and a former Army infantry officer, is the author of Crucible of War: The Seven Years' War and the Fate of Empire in British North America, 1754-1766, winner of the Francis Parkman and Mark Lynton history prizes in 2001.
Some even believe that Washington's surrender to French terms at his Fort Necessity in 1754 could have started the Seven Years' War, or, as it was called in North America, the "French and Indian War.
It concerns Roger's Rangers raid into Quebec during the Seven Years' War.
Brant, who was a devout churchman and Canadian hero of the Seven Years' War.
One might want to ask whether all the heroes of the Seven Years' War epitomize the traditional African man.
Principal wars: Seven Years' War (1756-1763); American Revolutionary War (1775-1783).
It could have been titled "The Downfall of France in the Seven Years' War.
Skulking in the Woods: Irregular Warfare in Pennsylvania During the Seven Years' War
Scholars of German literature, history, and culture argue that Enlightenment discourse not only was developed during, but also responded to and was profoundly shaped by a period of prolonged European warfare ranging from the Seven Years' War 1756-63, and the Polish Revolution through the 1792 Revolutionary and 1803-15 Napoleonic Wars.
The French Navy and the Seven Years' War, by Jonathan Dull.