Seven Years' War

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a war of England and Prussia against France and Austria (1756-1763)

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He has also culled many facts from an impressive secondary bibliography of recent scholarship about the Seven Years' War.
He is thus a Whig apologist for the larger abstract economic forces unleashed by the Seven Years' War, and he becomes a cultural "totem," Sterne's "narrative forces the reader to confront the historical contradictions of the mid-century, even as Toby offers his affective apologia" (98).
Among the classic studies of the Seven Years' War in America are the works of Fred Anderson.
Writing a history of the Canadian Iroquois involvement in the Seven Years' War with nothing but British and French documents is far from optimal, as MacLeod is the first to admit (p.
Like most wars, the Seven Years' War put a tremendous burden on Britain's treasury, and Prime Minister George Grenville looked to the colonies for new sources of revenue.
As French allies, the Canadian Iroquois had fought alongside the French in a series of wars with Amerindian and European powers since the seventeenth century and played a major role in the Anglo-French conflict known as the Seven Years' War or the War of the Conquest (1755-1760).
The storyline of "Assassin's Creed: Rogue will be set in North America, back in the 18th century of the Seven Years' War, and will serve as the conclusion following "Assassin's Creed III" and "Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.
The British amphibious operation to capture the French fortress at Louisbourg in Canada during the Seven Years' War was the largest joint operation undertaken by British forces in that period.
Lawrence River valleys during the Seven Years' War and the American Revolution.
She was built in 1765 to mark the Year of Victories of 1759 when in the Seven Years' War against the French, four vital battles had been won, two on land, two at sea.
Scholars of German literature, history, and culture argue that Enlightenment discourse not only was developed during, but also responded to and was profoundly shaped by a period of prolonged European warfare ranging from the Seven Years' War 1756-63, and the Polish Revolution through the 1792 Revolutionary and 1803-15 Napoleonic Wars.
ANSWERS: 1 Al Pacino; 2 Lilac time; 3 A baby's dummy; 4 Herman Melville; 5 Quinine; 6 Lamb; 7 The Graduate; 8 The Caledonian Canal; 9 John Denver; 10 The Seven Years' War.
The procedures of contracting are explained, and Bannerman notes that the system improved to such a degree that in the Seven Years' War, despite the range of operations, it was rare for contractors to fail completely.
The 1763 Treaty of Paris, concluded among Great Britain, France, and Spain, ended the contest known as the French and Indian War in North America and the Seven Years' War in Europe.
He divides his canvas into three sections: planting the new colonies; consolidating the colonies; and 'emancipation'--the expansion of the colonies, the effect of the Seven Years' War and the moves towards independence.