Seven Hills of Rome

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the hills on which the ancient city of Rome was built

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A rocky ride through Rome's history The Seven Hills of Rome by Grant Heiken et al Princeton University Press, hb, pp288, 18.
Included for ambitious readers are three field trip itineraries with titles such as "The Seven Hills of Rome in Fifteen Stops.
The night after the game we went to a villa on one of the seven hills of Rome and it was amazing - we might even have had a drink.
Howells will not spend Valentine's week anywhere else than the Seven Hills of Rome as he prepares to watch his native countrymen take on his new Italian comrades.
In doing so, he tortures himself by recalling the names of the twelve Cesars and seven hills of Rome while everyone else has already had their dinner.
Propaganda College (affectionately Prop) stands on one of the legendary Seven Hills of Rome, the Janiculum.
The seven hills of Rome are a breath-taking spectacle when viewed from the Hotel Eden, which has perhaps one of the best vantage points in the city.
Spectacle Our tickets also covered The Palatine Hill, the centre of the he e seven hills of Rome and next to the Colosseum, and the neighbouring Roman Forum.
THE Gwent Valleys last Saturday, the seven hills of Rome next weekend - Bridgend hooker Gareth Williams looks set to cap a memorable 18 months at the Ravens.