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a port city on the Atlantic coast of Portugal to the southeast of Lisbon

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Summary: The present study deals with the investigation of antimicrobial activity by AWD method and DD method against Gram-positive (B subtilis M luteus S aureus) and Gram-negative (S setubal P picketti) bacteria and two fungal strains (Aspergillus fumigatus Aspergillus flavus).
Discounting the first friendly on the Algarve, when Poyet played an Under-21 side, Sunderland failed to score in their outings against both CD Nacional last Wednesday and Vitoria Setubal on Saturday.
Roberto Setubal conocia el valor de la asesoria, pero ese momento no la necesitaba.
While the goals for higher capital ratios as per the Basel III rules are desirable, it is important for a flexible timetable for reforms to be implemented, Setubal said.
However, the Magpies strode to their biggest single victory against Vitoria Setubal in the quarter-finals when the Portuguese were engulfed by a snowstorm at St James' Park and were spectacularly buried under an avalanche of goals 5-1.
The announcement of the union of Itau, the Setubal financial group, and Unibanco, long the property of the Moreira family, caught financial markets by surprise, even though the merger talks had been underway for almost a year.
4 million training grant for Webasto, one of Auto Europa's component suppliers, which has its sole production plant is located in the municipality of Palmela, in the district of Setubal.
Mourinho, 42, who earns pounds 5million a year, has property in Eaton Square, London, and his hometown of Setubal, Portugal, which he shares with wife Tami, 39, daughter Matilde, nine, and son Jose Jnr, five.
There is no one--and not even any furniture--in the library and archives in Amarante, and again in the house in Setubal, nothing.
A 3-day scientific workshop titled "Regulatory Acceptance of (Q)SARs for Human Health and Environmental Endpoints," hosted by the European Centre for Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals and organized by the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) and the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC; as part of their long-range research initiative) was held 4-6 March 2002 in Setubal, near Lisbon, Portugal, Participants of the Setubal workshop had a diverse background both in human and environmental safety and in associations with academic institutions, government bodies, or industry from Europe, North America, and Japan.
Newcastle 4 Feyenoord 0Inter Cities Fairs Cup Round 1 1968-69 Newcastle 5 Vitoria Setubal 1Inter Cities Fairs Cup Quarter-Final 1968-69 Newcastle 2 Rangers 0Inter Cities Fairs Cup Semi Final 1968-69 Newcastle 3 Ujpest Dozsa 0Inter Cities Fairs Cup Final 1968-69 Ujpest Dozsa 2 Newcastle 3Inter Cities Fairs Cup Final 1970-71 Newcastle 2 Inter Milan 0Inter Cities Fairs Cup Round 1 1994-95 Antwerp 0 Newcastle 5UEFA Cup Round 1 1994-95 Newcastle 5 Antwerp 2UEFA Cup Round 1 1996-97 Newcastle 4 Ferencvaros 0UEFA Cup Round 2 1997-98 Newcastle 3 Barcelona 2Champions League 2002-03 Feyenoord 2 Newcastle 3Champions League 2002-2003
The Portucel Soporcel Group has placed an order for boiler rebuilds on its Figueira da Foz and Setubal pulp and paper mills in Portugal.
Ricardo Jorge, Aguas de Moura, Portugal; ([dagger]) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia, USA; ([double dagger]) Hospital Garcia da Orta, Almada, Portugal; and ([sections]) Hospital Sao Bernardo, Setubal, Portugal
Si quieren mas informacion o desean contactar con la Asociacion Educacao Media (AEM), pueden dirigirse a: Escola Superior de Educacao de Setubal, Estefanilha, 2910 Setubal (Portugal); tfno.
ENDESA also has interests in two Portuguese gas distribution companies, Portgas and Setgas, supplying gas in Oporto and other 24 cities in the North of Portugal and in Setubal and other 9 cities in the South of the country, respectively.