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Synonyms for Seth

(Old Testament) third son of Adam and Eve

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evil Egyptian god with the head of a beast that has high square ears and a long snout


References in classic literature ?
After the disappearance of Seth, Virginia Rich- mond walked up and down the floor of her home filled with vague alarms.
And when, at the end of the week, Seth returned, a little weary and with coal soot in his ears and about his eyes, she again found herself unable to reprove him.
On a summer evening Seth Richmond went to the New Willard House to visit his friend, George Willard.
On the stairway Seth stopped and listened to the voices of the men below.
In Winesburg, Seth Richmond was called the "deep one.
The talk of the town and the respect with which men and boys instinctively greeted him, as all men greet silent people, had affected Seth Richmond's outlook on life and on himself.
A loud roar of laughter from the other three workmen made Seth look round confusedly.
The laughter burst out afresh as Seth clapped his hands to his head, and coloured over brow and crown.
Come, Ben, lad," said Seth, in a persuasive tone, "don't let's have a quarrel about it.
I binna frighted at Adam," said Ben, "but I donna mind sayin' as I'll let 't alone at your askin', Seth.
Which was ye thinkin' on, Seth," he began--"the pretty parson's face or her sarmunt, when ye forgot the panels?
Next thing, Seth yells at me, 'Goin' to stay here all night?
And I suppose Seth was busy running the engine," Mrs.
She's come to do light housekeeping for you,' Seth grinned.
On my agreeing to finance the adventure, he promised to call on me at my hotel next morning with the letters of Seth Manners and the railroad, and conclude arrangements.