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the branch of pure mathematics that deals with the nature and relations of sets

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A set-theoretic approach to organizational configurations.
Linguistic structural universals are set-theoretic constructions out of simples.
He is often perceived as backing a "semantic" set-theoretic view over Carnap's "formal languages" view.
Set-Theoretic Methods for the Social Sciences: A Guide to Qualitative Comparative Analysis.
First, we describe as set-theoretic structures the syntax and then the semantics of a purely descriptive language.
Set-theoretic techniques such as fsQCA require deliberate calibration to dependable standards.
van Douwen, Pixley-Roy topology on spaces of subsets, in: Set-Theoretic Topology, Academic Press Inc.
Three surveys discuss ultraproducts of first order structures, set-theoretic aspects of ultrafilters, and connections with ergodic theory and combinatorics.
Color space is determined on the basis of physical characteristics of color chips, the reciprocal lattice on the basis of logical properties of set-theoretic objects.
She starts with the fundamentals for novices, including basic algorithms and statistics and the characteristics of patterns, then moves on the biopolymers, Bernoulli schemes and Markov, string pattern specifications, algorithms and pattern statistics, motif learning and patterns on meta-data such as permutation patterns and their probabilities, topological motifs, set-theoretic algorithmic tools, expression and partial order motifs.
In his honour, we will label unusual set-theoretic pedagogical situations Cantorian conundrums.
In this paper we develop a descriptive theory to analyze games with such characteristics using a fuzzy set-theoretic toolkit.
In part 2, "Realism," Maddy considers the V = L question from the point of view of the position, set-theoretic realism, advocated in her previous book.
The domains (and ranges) of Type 1 relations are sets of specifically pc set-theoretic entities-pc sets, pc set classes of various kinds, interval classes, and so forth.