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any of several small round bones formed in a tendon where it passes over a joint

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The sesamoid bones are a vital component of a horse's limb.
The arterial supply of the sesamoid bones of the hallux: The course and source of the nutrient arteries as an anatomical basis for surgical approaches to the great toe.
The fabella (Latin for "little bean") is a sesamoid bone that is visible at radiography in approximately 10-30% of the general population and is found bilaterally in most cases [1].
There are various pathological changes throughout the different stages of hallux valgus, such as internal deviation of first metatarsal and lateral deviation of the sesamoid bone.
With the metacarpophalangeal joint flexed to a 225[degrees] angle, the needle was inserted at the level of the midbody of the lateral proximal sesamoid bone, through the palmar annular ligament, and 3 mm axial to the palpable palmar or plantar border of the lateral proximal sesamoid bone, in the transverse plane, and directed 45[degrees] from the sagittal plane, angled toward the central intersesamoidean region, approximately 15 to 20 mm in depth [11].
2,4) Radiographic findings on these sesamoid bones suggest that race may have a strong predisposing effect on its presence.
According to previous findings the tibia is separate so it is more similar to a sesamoid bone.
The World Championship bronze medallist had a problem with the sesamoid bones in her foot and was told not to run, a break she believes will pay dividends when Kluft arrives in Birmingham on February 16.
The fetlock joint also contains two sesamoid bones.
Fetlock, formed by the cannon, two sesamoid bones, and the first phalanx, or long pastern
George Washington sustained an open fracture of both sesamoid bones to leave his proud trainer crestfallen.
Sesamoid bones are ovoid nodular bones, often small, found embedded within a tendon or joint capsule.
The sesamoid bones are fastened to the base of the proximal phalanx via the plantar plate.