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any of several small round bones formed in a tendon where it passes over a joint

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According to previous findings the tibia is separate so it is more similar to a sesamoid bone.
The World Championship bronze medallist had a problem with the sesamoid bones in her foot and was told not to run, a break she believes will pay dividends when Kluft arrives in Birmingham on February 16.
George Washington sustained an open fracture of both sesamoid bones to leave his proud trainer crestfallen.
Sesamoid bones are ovoid nodular bones, often small, found embedded within a tendon or joint capsule.
The sesamoid bones are fastened to the base of the proximal phalanx via the plantar plate.
Great toe medial and lateral sesamoid bones are important and can carry 3 times the body's weight with leg-based activity.
Scapinelli[11] described in this ligament the formation of sesamoid bones, developing in connective tissue with a previous stage of fibrocartilaginous metaplasia.
Mazel Trick, who broke down in training for last Sunday's Pacific Classic, is scheduled to be flown to Kentucky today to continue his recovery from surgery that employed 18 screws, a compression plate and wire to repair the sesamoid bones in his right foreleg.