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automotive steering where engineer power amplifies the torque applied to the steering wheel

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The Servotronic system detects speed and accordingly adjusts steering response for better driver control of the vehicle.
The heaviness of the steering wheel which was an issue in the previous generation, has been done away with and thus the manufacturer has introduced Servotronic technology into the new X1.
The Audi Servotronic steering has also been re-programmed for a sharper feel on the road.
The Servotronic steering system is tuned comparably to the helm of the 3- series and feels much more responsive than the Audi Q3' s.
Then there's the Servotronic steering (pounds 175) and variable ratio steering rack (pounds 370).
To further bolster the appeal of the X5, BMW now offers leather trim, servotronic power steering, an eight-speed automatic gearbox and xenon headlights as standard equipment across the range.
Servotronic speed-sensitive power steering and a moonroof is standard on the Cayenne S, Cayenne S Hybrid and Cayenne Turbo.
The perfect complement is the optional Audi drive select vehicle dynamics system, which enables the driver to freely vary the throttle response characteristic, the shifting points of the seven-speed S tronic, and the boost provided by the servotronic steering system, both of which come as a standard.
The settings for the optional Electronic Damper Control (Normal, Comfort and Sport), three DSC+ traction control settings and three specific engine control maps, plus the response rate of the Servotronic power steering can be controlled with just one button, on the steering wheel.
Audi's Quattro all-wheel drive system is standard to the range, so top notch roadholding is assured, and while the Servotronic power-assisted steering feels light at low speed it loads up considerably as you increase the pace.
The xDrive also interacts with the cars' special M suspension including Adaptive Drive and the newly developed Servotronic Power Steering, to ensure the dynamic driving behaviour so characteristic of a BMW M Car.
While it has relied on the wealth of expertise found in other divisions within the VW Group, it still bristles with authentic SEAT DNA, like the agile chassis concept, the sophisticated multi link suspension, and the Servotronic steering calibrated for speed and angle turning.
Additionally, the Servotronic electromechanical steering offers tight and sporty steering that provides excellent control.
It joins the Coupe launched last year and carries a price tag of pounds 86,400, which buys you a 507bhp V10 five litre with seven-speed and 11-programme transmission, Servotronic steering with M Sports suspension and brakes.
Lines: A200 (transportable, medium duty), B500 (front-wheel drive, medium duty with mechanical steering), C1000 (front-wheel drive, heavy duty with servotronic steering)