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Synonyms for soldier

Synonyms for soldier

one who engages in a combat or struggle

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Under [section]303 of the act, a servicemember is afforded protection with respect to real or personal property owned by a servicemember with respect to a contract that originated before military service commenced and for which the servicemember is still liable and which is secured by a mortgage, trust deed, or other security in the nature of a mortgage.
5% a year, First Command found the enlisted servicemember could expect retirement pay of $2,951 per month under the current system, compared with $2,361 under the new system.
A non-servicemember spouse is eligible for referral to the ABA Project if the servicemember meets the financial eligibility requirements discussed previously and if the following three criteria are met: (37)
Among various proposals raised is one to "reform the military retirement system to provide servicemembers with a portable 401(k)-like benefit while retaining a defined retirement benefit at 20 years of service in an effort to help recruit and retain the best and the brightest in our Armed Forces and to ease their transition into civilian life.
Community reintegration (CR) is difficult for many military servicemembers with physical and psychological injuries sustained in theater as well as during times of nondeployment.
It offers veterans and servicemembers a safe place to get extra mental health support.
Under SCRA, active-duty servicemembers are eligible for financial benefits and foreclosure protections on loans taken out prior to active duty military service.
domiciled there, but a servicemember or spouse may not qualify for a
IDES replaced the departments' separate processes for evaluating servicemembers for fitness and disability.
With the latest fatality, the death toll for foreign forces in Afghanistan has increased to 33, including three UK servicemembers.
East serves as an important resource for separating servicemembers at the U.
The downside is that a servicemember may get overin-volved with a home problem that cannot be solved from overseas.
For example, a person seeking undue advantage might transfer property or an ownership interest to a servicemember to thwart the enforcement of another person's lawful rights.
Perhaps one of the best results comes in the form of a significant reduction on the financial burden of the senior Department of Defense (DoD) command in Iraq, the Multinational Forces Iraq (MNF-I) and the increased benefits to the individual servicemember.