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They are ditching the Fourth Emergency Service tag after nine years to replace it with Just AAsk.
Consumers themselves can get more out of their customer-service interactions in a number of ways: First, before you contact Dell or any product maker, make sure you have your account, product or service tag numbers ready.
The contract is - The purchase of six servers owned by the Purchaser two frames Dell M1000e (Sample Service TAG 5N1CY4J)- Expansion possessed by the Employer servers DELL M610 (Sample Service TAG 58LFY4J)- Purchase of two server rack.
Windows 2000-Based Readiness Advisor: Any Dell customer can utilize the Web-based &uot;Readiness Advisor&uot; which uses their Dell system's service tag number to provide upgrade advice for their specific PC or server to Windows 2000.
a) To redeem the Special Offer for Dell Customers, customers must own a Dell system and must provide their service tag number and one of the following: customer number, zip code, purchase order number.
The site also features new applications such as "Warranty Status," which notifies customers when that service is approaching expiration, and "Birth Certificate," which gives customers direct access to useful system information, such as its unique service tag number.
This unique Web-based tool uses a system's service tag number to assist customers in determining if their configuration is ready for upgrading to Windows 2000.
Intuitive, comprehensive and customized, these include Dell Online Knowledge Base, Ask Dudley(tm), File Library and an entire suite of capabilities built from Dell's system service tag which provides information unique to each system found at www.
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