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Synonyms for primidone

an anticonvulsant (trade name Mysoline) used to treat grand mal seizures and essential tremor

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Recemment, et d'une maniere tout independante de ma propre contribution, un rapport historique sur cette episode de la psychologie sociale a ete fourni par un collegue, Sertan Batur (2011), dans un chapitre dont je n'ai malheureusement pu prendre connaissance qu'apres avoir boucle mon propre texte.
Sum peeple wood hav us beleev that maintaining sertan standards in gramma and speling is sum kind of conspeerasy by the eleet, and unfare to ordinary foke.
Analisis economico de los programas de erradicacion Razones para Supuestos del sobreestimar los Razones para analisis de beneficios de la subestimar los costos costo-beneficio erradicacion de la erradicacion 1 Todas las 1 La carencia de 1 La eliminacion del consecuencias informacion ultimo 1-10% puede significativas se cientifica conlleva sertan costosa como pueden enumerar una evaluacion el primer 90-99% de con antelacion.
Martha responds, defending their laments, observing that mourning, like death, is natural and necessary: 'We all xul dye bat is sertan / but zk be blood of kynde nature / Whan deth be brothyr Awey hath tan / must nedys murne bat sepulture' (133-6).
While there seems to be some evidence for a weak verb sertan 'futuere' in Old High German (notably in the "Pariser Gesprache"), this most likely represents a secondary weak inflection of the strong verb (thus Riecke 1996: 156), not a genuine *sard(i)ja- matching ON [LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] See most recently on the forms in the "Gesprache," Gusmani (1999: 169) with references.
Sertan, the leader in workforce readiness solutions, is presenting a series of free on-line seminars to address today's most significant compliance challenges--Implementing massive organizational policy and procedure change with limited time, money, and resources.