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Furthermore, several clinical trials have indicated saffron is a safe and effective adjuvant to SSRI medication, (44,46,86,95) suggesting its main mechanism of action is not via the serotonergic system. Further research is required to elucidate its pharmacokinetics as this will direct its clinical use with and without antidepressant medication.
Additional studies are needed for further understanding of the neurophysiology of serotonergic system and its relationship with Papez's cirtuit.
Taking under consideration that in the general population patients with higher S100B levels might profit more from certain antidepressants that act preferentially on the serotonergic system and influence the inhibition of serotonin reuptake, while those with lower S100B levels can benefit from different modes of action [49], we accentuate the necessity for further studies to evaluate S100B levels before and after antidepressive treatment in this specific population.
This process is highly regulated by the opioidergic and serotonergic systems. RVM: rostroventromedial medulla; PAG: periaqueductal gray; Thal: thalamus; HT: hypothalamus; Amy: amygdala; VStri: ventral striatum; AIn: anterior insula; ACC: anterior cingulate cortex; PFC: prefrontal cortex; SI: primary somatosensory cortex; SII: secondary somatosensory cortex; DH: dorsal horn of the spinal cord.
This same effect was produced by its active metabolite rosmarinic acid (36 mg/kg) in male Sprague-Dawley rats [91], and the authors suggested that the antidepressant-like effect of this extract could be associated with its high content of rosmarinic acid, which is able to modulate the serotonergic system [91].
It is well known that antidepressant-like activity of melatonin, comes from its interaction with the serotonergic system (Micale et al., 2006) and more precisely with 5-HT2A receptors, where it could act as an antagonist (Eison et al., 1995).
Contradicting the results reported for subjects at rest, pharmacological stimulation of the serotonergic system decreased the time to fatigue in volunteers with higher aerobic capacity compared to the placebo condition, while stimulation of the serotonergic system did not affect the time to fatigue in the group with lower aerobic capacity (Figure 3) (43).
Interruptions in the development of the HPA axis during this critical period can cause over-activation in stressful situations throughout life, due to interruptions with the sympathetic nervous system, the adrenal medulla, the cortex, and the serotonergic system. This translates to increased anxiety levels, depression, GI disorders, and altered functioning in the gut-brain axis.
(11) However, to date, the abnormalities in the serotonergic system and the variation in genes that are involved in 5-HT synthesis and potentially associated with the extent of the pain have not been studied in patients with CLBP.
Structural damage to the serotonergic system has been reported in studies conducted on primates (8).
The Interaction of Zinc with the Serotonergic System. Several preclinical studies have shown the interaction of zinc with the components of the serotonergic system with regard to its antidepressant-like action.
It seemed that GFS could not pass through the blood-brain barrier to affect the central serotonergic system. Further studies are needed to confirm it in the future.
Study on the herb Bacopa approves of the enhanced neuronal transmissions which help in improving memory and this happens through the serotonergic system influencing the acetyl cholinergic transmission.
This theory is widely accepted, with most emphasis placed on the serotonergic system. However, because the symptoms for PSD must be directly following a stroke, it is reasonable to conclude that the physiologic mechanisms triggering PSD may be different than the mechanisms that create MDD.