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the branch of medical science that deals with serums

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Serologic test results for a patient with California serogroup virus infection associated with encephalitis and cognitive decline, Canada, 2015 * Virus July 31 Augu st 10 August 21 Jamestown Canyon virus ELISA IgM Negative Equivocal Positive PRNT titer 1:40 1:1 60 1:320 Snowshoe hare virus ELISA IgM Negative Equivocal Positive PRNT titer 1:20 1:320 1:320 * PRNT, plaque reduction neutralization test.
A 2013 Belgian prospective study of 104 non-IgA-deficient adults and children diagnosed with celiac disease and 537 adults and children without celiac disease evaluated the accuracy of 4 manufacturers' serologic tests for IgA anti-tTG.
Celiac serologic tests are not requested routinely in IBS patients.
Although medically unexplained symptoms are common in these patients, most who complain of "chronic" Lyme disease have no evidence of ever having had the disease, based on history or serologic tests, he said.
Patients with karyotype abnormalities and those with diabetes are also more likely to have false-negative serologic tests.
Because up to 25% of patients with primary syphilis have non-reactive serologic test results for syphilis, darkfield microscopy provides a critical complementary role in the identification of infectious syphilis.
A serologic test for Baylisascaris procyohis is only available through Purdue University (contact Kevin Kazacos, D.
The recommended approach for laboratory diagnosis of Lyme disease is a 2-tiered serologic test comprised of an enzyme-linked immunoassay (EIA or ELISA) or immunofluorescence assay (IFA), followed by a reflex Western immunoblot (7).
chaffeensis and either a concurrent lower titer serologic test for A.
A positive serologic test merits follow-up with a small intestinal biopsy to confirm the diagnosis, Dr.
Serologic test results typically don't come back for a day.
A finger-stick was performed to obtain 100 [micro]g of blood for the whole-blood antibody test, and venipuncture was performed to obtain serum for a quantitative enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay serologic test.
Probable cases were those in patients whose illness was consistent with the first two criteria and who also had a positive serologic test for C.
Hence, irrespective of the criteria for a confirmed case of schistosomiasis described above, it appears difficult to conclude that confirmation could rely on only 1 positive serologic test, even a WB.
A serologic test for Baylisascaris procyonis is only available through Purdue University.