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The Serinus System generates Canary Files using data from both external and target sources in order to create realistic mimicry and avoid statistical based detection (see Figure 4).
Abba Serinus told Abba Job, "There is no great virtue in keeping to your regimen in your cell, but there is if you keep it when you come out of your cell.
A designer and manufacturer of environmental monitoring equipment, Echotech has launched a new product line, the Serinus gas analyzer series.
Serinus is a music reviewer, musician, and editor of Psychoimmunity & the Healing Process.
1980), the canary, Serinus canaria (Nottebohm and Nottebohm 1978), and the starling, Sturnus vulgaris (Bohner et al.
Chazin has thirteen years of experience in the biomedical field, most recently serving as President of Serinus Biotechnology, a cancer diagnostic company she co-founded.
The new loan restructuring agreement will maintain the original security on both loans, with an additional security pledge of the shares of Serinus Energy Romania S.
La compagnie petroliere internationale Serinus Energy Inc, dans une mise a jour de ses activites en Tunisie, a confirme avoir ete informee par l'Entreprise tunisienne d'activites petrolieres (ETAP) de la fin des mouvements de protestation dans les gouvernorats de Kebili et de Tataouine, corroboree par des articles de presse annoncant la fin de ces mouvements qui bloquaient toutes les activites sur les champs petroliferes du sud du pays, notamment celui de Sabria opere par la societe.
Novel avian Bornavirus in a nonpsittacine species (Canary; Serinus canaria) with enteric ganglioneuritis and encephalitis.
Serinus is an international upstream oil and gas exploration and production company that owns and operates projects in Tunisia and Romania.
Ces mouvements de protestation ont bloque toutes les routes menant aux champs petroliferes du sud de la Tunisie, y compris le champ Sabria exploite par Serinus qui s'est declaree incapable d'ecouler sa production sur le marche, ce qui a sature ses reservoirs de stockage.
Summary: The average production of oil company Serinus Energy was approximately 4,078 barrels / day in the third quarter 2015 or an increase of 2% compared to the 3,993 boe /