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an interface (commonly used for modems and mice and some printers) that transmits data a bit at a time

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Communication through a serial line is not user friendly enough and the operator could be lost in a large amount of information about positions of each servo.
In this serial line, we assume that there are n workstations and between each pair of stations there is an inventory buffer.
Modem Assist PLUS version 4 also provides faster initialization of the client and server modules, enhanced bridge and router support, new screen displays, and support for Windows Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP) and Point to Point Protocol (PPP) programs.
Other services provide SLIP, Serial Line Internet Protocol, accounts through which the user can connect directly to the Internet.
Serial Line Internet Protocol(SLIP), which permits full host access to the Internet for those who wish to use standard telephone lines, and Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), when it is commercially available;
In this mode, the digital I/O as well as the RS232/485 serial line are extended (tunneled) over the LAN.
It is now programmed via bootloader in the MCU which communicates with the PC via serial line.
The controller communicates with the jig clamps via an RS-422 serial line to the jig PLC.
CPRI Frequency Synchronization: Discrete components are used to implement a circuit for cleaning and de-jittering a high stability master timing reference from the recovered serial line clocks.
The option-2 kit will most likely be connected with PC via serial line.
By integrating the transmission convergence function, the devices can provide Utopia 2 or serial line connectivity to T1/E1 framers and DSL transceivers.
Using the STLUX development environment, designers can control the STLUX385A via a serial line and a console.
A complete Transmission Convergence (TC) block provides Utopia 2 or serial line connectivity to T1/E1 framers and DSL transceivers for each link.
The Standard Serial Line Communication (Modbus) can be connected directly into the vessel s IAS (Integrated Alarm System).