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someone who murders more than three victims one at a time in a relatively short interval

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One of the most infamous serial killers in world, Pedro Alonzo Lopez was from Colombia.
He wrote of 'A History of British Serial Killing', which outlined what made a serial killer and who they were most likely to target.
These books form the basis of this detailed and determined movie by David Fincher, who has dipped a toe into serial killer territory before, with the bleak and psychologically horrifying Seven.
A movie about serial killers probably shouldn't end with a group family hug.
The agency kept the definition intentionally broad to encompass the full array of serial killers.
The second half of the 20th century spawned a catalogue of macabre British serial killers.
The cross-referencing of folk-lore with actual cannibalistic serial killers in history is especially useful for the study.
The FBI is trying to figure-out what makes serial killers tick in Netflix's upcoming drama, Mindhunter.
Since Jack the Ripper stalked the shadowy streets of Victorian East London, there have been at least 34 serial killers in Britain.
com/7-most-infamous-serial-killers-world-ian-brady-britains-moors-murderer-dies-79-2539417) 7 Most Infamous Serial Killers In World: Ian Brady, Britain's Moors Murderer, Dies At 79
There are many serial killers in America, there is none in the Philippines),' he said.
But American serial killers bring the big money into play.