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Synonyms for sequestrate

to put into solitude

Synonyms for sequestrate

keep away from others

set apart from others

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The OMB Report Pursuant to the Sequestration Transparency Act of 2012, September 14, 2012, presents the methodology, identifies sequestrable and exempt funds, and estimates sequestration at the account-level.
IHS discretionary appropriation thus is fully sequestrable. (57) OMB did
aid to Israel, the report identified the FMF account, the main Foreign Operations appropriations account that provides aid to Israel, as "sequestrable." If sequestered, the $6.312 billion FMF account would be reduced by a percentage of 8.2%, or approximately $518 million.
Once final determinations are made, any changes to the size of the sequestrable base would alter the size of the reductions.