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Synonyms for sequential

following one after another in an orderly pattern

Synonyms for sequential

in regular succession without gaps

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The behavioral patterns for the first and fifth semesters obtained through the sequential analysis matrix calculations are illustrated in Figure 3 and Figure 4, respectively.
The sequential analysis revealed that the Simon effect of the present trial N depended on the type of target (onset or offset) presented on trial N and N-1.
By leveraging complex sequential analysis technology from Fujitsu Laboratories, the software can detect and analyze warning signs with a high degree of precision.
0 executed the lag sequential analysis for the sessions 6, 10 and 13 taking the therapist behaviors Recommendation to group (REC G), Recommendation to P1 (REC P1) and Recommendation to P2 (REC P2) as the criterion codes.
Finally, a sequential analysis was used in order to see how message configurations were developed over time.
Sequential analysis is a set of statistical techniques useful for studying the dynamic nature of behavioral streams, by detecting behavior patterns and uncovering their temporal structure (Quera & Bakeman, 2000).
Sequential analysis methods for examining discussion board content are designed to provide a view of discussion participation not offered by either the statistical metrics or content analysis methods.
Lag sequential analysis can be used to descriptively examine the sequential relationships between the four terms.
This study extends sequential analysis of IRTs to human subjects, investigating how the consequences of response for particular IRT classes affect the distribution of IR[T.
Rapid emergence of carcinogen-induced hyperplastic lesions in a new model for the sequential analysis of liver carcinogenesis.
Consequently, although rational models of decision-making are logical, the response to the need for a decision is usually too rapid to allow for orderly sequential analysis (Simon, 1987).
The SOLAAR M Series offers flame and furnace capabilities, multi-element analysis for up to sixteen element sequential analysis, six lamps and an Echelle monochromator-based optical system.
Any situation, with the exception of having adequate sample and time, will cause the sequential analysis to be compromised.
Sequential analysis revealed that parents of girls were somewhat more likely to comply with their children's play leads than were parents of boys.
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