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the 3rd Sunday before Lent (or the 9th before Easter)

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Convocada en Ginebra por el Consejo de Administracion de la Oficina Internacional del Trabajo, y congrega en dicha ciudad el 7 de junio de 1989, en su septuagesima sexta reunion;
Advent and Christmas responds show close similarity, while those from Septuagesima to Holy Week less so, and finally the responds of Paschaltide show very little similarity, with the contrast between verses even more pronounced in different liturgical seasons.
One of his early poems, "Septuagesima," captures this sentiment perfectly in its opening lines: "I dream of the silence / the day before Adam came / to name the animals" (1).
Bach, Ich bin vergnugt von meinen Stande, written in Leipzig in 1733/34 for Septuagesima Sunday.
The third group of Leipzig cantatas, according to scores once owned by Carl Phillipp Emanuel Bach, cover from Christmas 1725 to Septuagesima 1727: BWV 57 (1725); BWV 32, 88, 170, 35, 169, 56, 49, 55, and 52 (1726); BWV 82 and 84 (1727).
"Septuagesima Sunday." The Christian Year, Lyra Innocentium and Other Poems.
(38) Thus, two weeks before the sermon for Quinquagesima, in the first sermon of the series, that of Septuagesima Sunday, Fra Antonino takes as his starting point the original magnificence of mankind in paradise, where, to be held in honor, he was supposed to work more with the mind than with the body--an idea that the preacher succinctly encapsulates in the theme for the first of the sermon's three parts: "First there is his most noble magnificence [magnificatio nobilissima], for when he was [held] in honor." (39) In this context magnificatio expresses "the making great of man," who, "outstanding in rank" (nobilissima), was to be honored.