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large tank where solid matter or sewage is disintegrated by bacteria

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Faeces from septic systems (small wastewater treatment / septic tanks) and septic tanks in the area of ?
The law was extended in 2003 to cover people working in septic tanks and sewer lines.
com)-- Newcastle, WA-based specialists for cost-effective septic tank maintenance, Alberta Septic Systems are now offering an affordable tank inspection and septic pumping service to King and Snohomish County homeowners.
If you are buying a property which has either a cesspit or a septic tank there are a number of things you will need to consider.
A new sewerage network that would solve the problem in the long-term is currently being installed, but Mr Moosa claimed not enough was being done in the meantime to stop septic tanks overflowing.
Owners of septic tanks and on-site treatment systems must ensure their systems do not cause a risk to human health or the environment.
In practice, however, people can register their septic tanks at any point before June 30, 2012.
The agency said it is sending letters and registration forms to more than 70,000 people - who are believed to have septic tanks - to make the registration process simple.
The accumulation of total solids in septic tanks in particular was assessed, including both sludge and scum accumulation.
As property developers continue to build estates in suburban areas, septic tanks are becoming a more popular way of dealing with waste, when compared with plumbing vast housing complexes into the sewer and water treatment networks," he says.
Sarkozy's in-laws, the Bruni-Tedeschis, have been entangled in the dispute with locals on the Riviera since 2003 over removing individual septic tanks in favour of the costly, but less smelly alternative: a centralised, communal sewerage system.
Malibu's 13,000 residents use septic tanks instead of sewer systems.
The company's services include work with septic tanks, factory and steam cleaning, oil pollution control, grease taps, sand removal, water cleaning supplies and vehicle sales.
About one-third of all private septic tanks in the study area--14 contiguous ZIP codes around the town of Marshfield--included holding tanks.
1% of all septic tanks in the country in fiscal 2000, according to an Environment Ministry survey released Friday.