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large tank where solid matter or sewage is disintegrated by bacteria

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5] concentrations indicated that a higher digestion rate of organic wastes in the additive-treated septic tanks was likely.
The reason for this registration is to build a database of all septic tanks, with the primary aim of improving water quality in rivers, lakes and coastal waters, and reducing pollution in private water supplies from wells, boreholes and springs.
There is evidence to show that poorly-maintained septic tanks are contributing to poor water quality in rivers, lakes and coastal waters.
County officials said they tried to identify all properties that were on septic tanks - and therefore not connected to the county sewer system - when the sewer-service charge was imposed after the passage in 1978 of Proposition 13, which drastically limited property taxes in California.
With 14 plants currently in operation, the Company designs, manufacturers, and markets a broad assortment of polyethylene tanks primarily to the agricultural and septic tank markets.
Johns County School District is requesting pricing from qualified vendors for pumping and disposing contents of grease traps and/or septic tanks at various facilities throughout the District on an annual basis.
com)-- Leading specialists for high performance septic tank repair and maintenance services, Alberta Septic Systems has announced that the company is presenting local area clients with a high performance septic pumping service.
As part of new environmental regulations introduced in 2010, owners of septic tanks will be legally required to register by the December 31 said Wrexham AM Lesley Griffiths.
Rather, we used the total bacterial-microbe content in septic tanks as a performance benchmark, or proxy, for assessment of efficacy.
These traditional septic tanks are still in use in many older properties and will continue to work well if they are used correctly.
That would mean that no new houses or business buildings could be built in Palmdale except ones on septic tanks.
Tenders are invited for Cleaning Of Sewage Line, Soak Well, Septic Tanks And Reparis To Sewage Lines, Septic Tanks, Soak Wells, Manhioles, Drains, Culverts Etc And Misc Works At Ranikhet
Activator 1000 Odor Control Lemon Lime Formula is safe for humans, animals, plants, septic tanks, plastic or metal pipes and drains.
RURAL homeowners in Wales are being contacted by the Environment Agency (EA) and reminded to register their septic tanks.
The authors conducted a replicated and controlled field scale experiment to measure the impacts of selected bacterial additives on total microbial populations in septic tanks.