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The ceremony took place on the 25th of September. A basket of honor took down the president, J.
On the 19th of September, they rose at early dawn; some began to prepare breakfast, and others to arrange the packs preparatory to a march.
At length, on the 19th of September, he reached the upper waters of Salmon River.
After this, he proceeded down the river, about five miles below the forks, when he came to a halt on the 26th of September, to establish his winter quarters.
She had lain there utterly helpless, from illness, until the beginning of September. She had been advertised, without result, in the Glasgow newspapers.
Arnold would in all probability receive the telegram at Baden, on the next day, September the seventeenth.
Between the seventeenth and the twentieth of September Geoffrey Delamayn had left Swanhaven, on the way to his new training quarters in the neighborhood in which the Foot-Race at Fulham was to be run.
On September twelfth the party scaled a line of sandstone cliffs which crossed their route toward the south; but they crossed them only after an encounter with the tribe that inhabited the numerous caves which pitted the face of the escarpment.
As on the night of September ninth the first warning came from the sentinel standing guard over his sleeping companions.
Olson, the Irish engineer, with Whitely and Wilson constituted the remnants of Dinosaur's defenders, and to Brady and Sinclair they narrated the salient events that had transpired since Bradley and his party had marched away on September 4th.
They told of the disappearance of Miss La Rue in the night of September 11th, and of the departure of Bowen Tyler in search of her, accompanied only by his Airedale, Nobs.
September 13, 2012 (GLOBAL): Al-Qa'ida chief Ayman al-Zawahiri released a new message calling on Muslims to support Syrian rebels.--Reuters, September 13
In the EU, France produced 1.3 Mt of crude steel in September 2018, an increase of 1.4% compared to September 2017.
Figael's Church, Llanfigael - September 10 - 30 | St.
1 due to Typhoon Ompong (international name: Mangkhut) on Thursday, several local government units called off classes for Friday, September 14.