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a partition of bone and cartilage between the nasal cavities

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The authors reported that cytologic examination of pieces of drilled nasal septal cartilage revealed good uniformity in the size of the pieces, with an average greatest dimension of 0.
During this phase, there are two ossification centers in the posteroinferior part of the nasal septum; they are located between the nasal septal cartilage medially and the nasopalatine nerves laterally.
1-3) A unilateral nasal septal abscess has the potential to become bilateral via spread through fractured or dissolved septal cartilage.
1) This patient sustained a small perforation through the septal cartilage.
On basal view, caudal displacement off the midline can result in asymmetric nares, distortion of the columella, and widening of the base from either (1) the deviated septal cartilage itself or (2) deflection of the medial crural tip cartilage (figure 1).
Follow-up CT at 6 months showed the deficiency of the septal cartilage and minimal mucosal changes (figure 4).
Nevertheless, techniques such as septal cartilage scoring, morselizing, repositioning on the nasal spine, and even extracorporeal septal reconstruction (1) can be effective.
The remnants of the nasal bone were removed, and the nasal dorsum was augmented with a septal cartilage graft.
Instead, the development of septal perforations in patients who receive topical silver nitrate may be attributable to necrosis of the septal cartilage following damage to the overlying perichondrium, from which it derives its blood supply.
The suture-suspension technique described here corrects high proximally oriented deviations of the dorsal septum and provides enough stability to resist septal cartilage memory.
In 3 of our patients, we used additional reconstruction material--nasal septal cartilage with mucosa and hyoid bone--for external support (figure 3).
The cross-sectional area of the internal nasal valve is determined by the angle formed by the connection of the upper lateral cartilage with the septal cartilage.