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a partition of bone and cartilage between the nasal cavities

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In some studies it has been stated that to achieve hemostasis of a bleeding nasal septal vessel, only the mucosa requires cautery, nevertheless, the underlying perichondrium and septal cartilage are also affected by cauterization, which may result in septal perforation as in few studies it was found that nasal cautery was the causal factor in 7% of septal perforations especially in bilateral cauterization15.
In 6 (60%), only septal muochondrial graft were used while in 4 (40%) patients septal cartilage as well as septal mucoperichondrial graft was used.
The magnets had caused compression and thinning of the septal cartilage.
The grant will fund his research on tissue engineering technology, in which he is testing the ability of mechanical compaction of neocartilage constructs to develop sufficient septal cartilage for reconstructive surgery.
5) Here we introduce a novel method of earlobe reconstruction using a single-stage "reverse omega" technique, which uses local tissue flaps and incorporates a nasal septal cartilage graft.
Mass was excised along with a part of septal cartilage.
In SMR deviated septal cartilage and bone are removed leaving 1 cm of caudal and dorsal strip to supplement lower 2/3rd of nose while in septoplasty only the deviated or dislocated part is either straightened or removed sparingly.
Influence of polydioxanone foil on growing septal cartilage after surgery in an animal model.
4) The use of mastoid cortical bone and nasal septal cartilage in the reconstructive surgery of the middle ear was introduced by Hugh and Jensen respectively.
A radiofrequency knife was used to perform a wide excisional biopsy of the lesion along with the adjoining part of the septal cartilage.
Most of the surgeons adopted Killian's technique with preservation of caudal and dorsal struts of the septal cartilage to minimise the complications.
The material used for graft is autologous cartilage harvested from right 7th costal cartilage, septal cartilage or ear.
The most commonly reported sequela is a loss of septal cartilage support, which can result in a nasal deformity.
1, 2) 'Extracorporeal septoplasty' as described by Gubisch in 1995 has failed to correct a difficult nasal septum because the deformed nasal septal cartilage had to be segmented into several smaller sections.
One splint was inserted into each nasal cavity and fixed with a 3-0 Mersilk suture that crossed both septal flaps and splints anteriorly and posteriorly; a through-and-through mattress suture was used to cross the remaining septal cartilage if possible (figure 1).