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Sept. 9 Ham & beans, fried potatoes, cooked cabbage, cornbread, chocolate pudding
Sept 25: N/S - 1 L Lindsay & M Taylor; 2 J Urquhart & G Dempster.
And catch the final screenings in the classic movies series as well: Sabrina, Sept. 6, and The Great Caruso, Sept.
WA Parent To Parent Coordinators Sept. 21 45 Convention
HOLMFIRTH: Sept 9 - Thief cut through security chain and attempted to steal Suzuki motorcycle but was disturbed by owner.
663.4 bln drams ($1.6 bln, with a 5.5% year over year growth) and 196.3 bln drams for Sept ($481 mln).
Sept. 19: Multistate Tax Compliance Workshop: California and Beyond
Sept 21, 10 nts, pounds 499; Sept 27, 7 nts pounds 429.
However, when he visited Vancouver recently, some public schools organized field trips for students to see the Dalai Lama talk about peace (, Sept. 14, 2006).
Sept. 22: NYARM School of Property Management begins its Expenditure Budgeting course at noon.
Sept. 1-3, 2006 Towaoc, Colorado (970) 565-8800 est.
libration 10.1[degrees], Sept. 2, [2.sup.h] UT (Oceanus
Sept. 12-15: Nonviolent Crisis Intervention; Vancouver; Call 1-800-558-8976 or register online at
Sept. 13--Pier 57, Liverpool, N.Y.; General Meeting.