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Antonyms for sent

100 senti equal 1 kroon in Estonia

caused or enabled to go or be conveyed or transmitted


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Michelle Meakins sent in this photo | |of her dog, Molly
This is Benjie, from Norris Green, sent | |in by Katie Mahon
7million text and picture messages, while seven million were sent by O2 customers.
In chapter one, for example, Scott-Warren analyzes seven gift copies of the Orlando Harington sent to recipients who were poised, socially and politically, to further his career ambitions.
Most gasp at the lavish platinum and diamond wristwatch sent to first lady Pat Nixon by Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia.
Based on the information contained on Form 8633, the applicant will be sent the pertinent publications.
We don't think we sent any money back that's fallen into the wrong hands," Huber said.
With Orchestria, organizations can reduce this burden by actively enforcing policies prior to communications being sent.
posting to chat forums or discussion boards) and communications sent through handheld devices such as BlackBerry(TM) and GoodLink(TM).
For every Registered e-Mail sent, a sealed file is generated, documenting the exact content of the message and the precise time it was sent and received.
5,497 online AIDS Walk New York participants sent a total of