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Sentance said: "I think the worry I would have is if we don't begin to move interest rates up gradually now, we will find further down the track that we actually have to move them up more sharply.
The credibility of the MPC's commitment to keeping inflation on target risks being eroded it if continues to run at a relatively high level," Sentance wrote.
The fact that the two have taken such stances is perhaps unsurprising, given that Dr Sentance was a hawkish member of the MPC while Professor Blanchflower has long argued that the Chancellor's austerity measures have damaged the economy.
He added that the dynamics within the committee are about to change as "arch hawk" Mr Sentance, who has called for interest rate rises, is replaced by former Goldman Sachs economist Ben Broadbent, who indicated he is broadly in favour of the MPC's decisions to date.
Mr Sentance, who is the most hawkish member of the MPC and steps down next month, said that the MPC had allowed sterling to weaken too much, and had sent signals to markets that it was prepared to be soft on inflation.
1%, stubbornly above the BoE's 2% target and one reason why MPC member Andrew Sentance has voted for a hike at the last three rate-setting meetings.
Policy Committee (MPC) member Andrew Sentance yesterday, in which he said the
Minutes of the June rates meeting showed a surprise seven to one vote after Monetary Policy Committee member Andrew Sentance said the cost of borrowing should rise by 0.
And Andrew Sentance - a low-carbon expert at the University of Warwick as well as a member of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee - said new work brought in by 'green' design could make for the boost the economy needed just as it was at risk of dropping into recession again.
For more information on how to apply contact Machala Sentance on 01484 221 414 or business@kirklees.
watchers will be encouraged over the economic assessment from BoE's Sentance, who highlighted that the worst of the U.
Jane's boyfriend, Malcolm Sentance, called Coutts ''a devious, devious man'' who had lied from the start of the case.
Miss Longhurst, a teacher at Uplands special needs school in Hollingdean, Brighton, was last seen alive on March 14 by her partner Malcolm Sentance at the house the couple shared.
She was last seen by her partner Malcolm Sentance at the house that the couple shared in Shaftesbury Road, Brighton.
The 31-year-old music teacher, described as a ``devoted daughter, sister and partner'' by her family, vanished from the Brighton home she shared with her partner Malcolm Sentance on March 14.