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And it must be noted that I say of our reason, and not of our imagination or of our senses: thus, for example, although we very clearly see the sun, we ought not therefore to determine that it is only of the size which our sense of sight presents; and we may very distinctly imagine the head of a lion joined to the body of a goat, without being therefore shut up to the conclusion that a chimaera exists; for it is not a dictate of reason that what we thus see or imagine is in reality existent; but it plainly tells us that all our ideas or notions contain in them some truth; for otherwise it could not be that God, who is wholly perfect and veracious, should have placed them in us.
As sense of sight was weakened by the thickening fog, the other senses sharpened in anticipation, dancing to the 12 chimes of the clock.
But again, only if we are relying on our sense of sight.
There were people who have been blind from birth, given the gift for their sense of sight without undergoing any operation," Plohimon said.
Volunteers from Nakilat acted as guides, some of them were blindfolded during the session to better appreciate the challenge of bowling without the sense of sight.
Volunteers from Nakilat acted as guides and some were even blindfolded during the session to better appreciate the challenge of bowling without the sense of sight.
These fish also use their excellent sense of sight (their eyes move independently of each other) when hunting for food, and that has led to the loss of genes that contribute to the sense of smell.
MMDA General Manager Tim Orbos said the project, one of the initiatives of the Inter-Agency Council on Traffic, is anchored on studies which show that persons with hearing disability have heightened or more akin to details using their sense of sight.
Some 90% of the information needed to drive is processed through our sense of sight, and as visual perception decreases at night it takes longer to identify pedestrians, animals or traffic signals.
Books discussed include Jewish Sanctuary in the Atlantic World, The Sense of Sight in Rabbinic Culture, Mosaics of Faith, and Jews and the Renaissance of Synagogue Architecture.
Our visual perception is largely based on the sense of sight.
With their new robot friend, the Sens-O-Lator 5S, they explore the sense of sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste.
Even a small improvement in the sense of sight and enlargement of the brain is advantageous.
In the first episode, the pair are focusing on the sense of sight, going beyond the spectrum of light that the human eye can see.
Take advantage of the relaxing power of your sense of sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste.